Thursday, September 4, 2008

A jolly good time!

Enjoying the one week hols as much as I can before the hectic Term 4 starts again. Took the chance to meet up with my EH friends at Des' place last night. Was a long trip to his place in CCK but I must say it was worth the ride to see everyone again. Been 2 years since I met Ayam, Sent,Des,Jane and a year since I saw Beeks and Mike. It was a whopping good time we had to see the guys act like small boys playing Wii and using the nauchuk to outdo each other. Had so much food to eat that I can't believe I stomached 2 pizzas, some bee hoon, countless fishballs, chicken fillet and 2 glasses of margaritas.

Des' kitchen is full of booze and he prides himself in offering us drinks, freshly blended and nice.

Guess the highlight of the gathering came when we were going home and Sent readily offered to send everyone home as it was like 1145pm. Mike to Yishun, Beeks to Telok Blangah, Ayam to Bedok and me. Gosh..It was like a road trip because we soon realised that Sent had no clue about directions and was relying on Ayam who was armed with the street directory. We got to the KJE and Ayam thought he could trust Sent to go all the way to BKE/SLE to drop Mike off. Then...the drama started.

Sent took the PIE instead of turing to the BKE..and we were heading down south. You should have seen the look on Mike's face when he asked 'are we going to the BKE'? It was hilarious cos we realised we had just missed it..we all laughed in Unision..

So we decided that we were going to drop Beeks off..and along the way..we kept laughing at Mike cos he should have directed Sent to his place..and now instead of being the first to get dropped off..he was going to be last. Hilarious.

I'd not laughed so much on one night for a long long time and I know everytime I meet my EH friends, we never have a down moment. We catch up on our silly games and our favourite Bridge game as we did so often in EH. It's nice to see how everyone grows, matures and move to different levels in our lives.

What would my life had been if Beeks did not suggest that we move to EH in 1999? I guess I'll never know..but I do know..I treasure and love these bunch of guys and gals very much..