Monday, August 22, 2011

Crazy crazy week...

Really swamped with work at the moment - things are heating up in late August which is rather unusual.  I've always thought that once Nat Day is over, things will go downhill but for now, work is really crazy and getting hectic.

Too many things to do, scrapping has taken a backseat and is rather non-existent.  There's still the occasional small scale scrapping but am really too busy to snap pics or plead with H to help to do so.  Hopefully, once this week is over I can get more done before prelim marking comes in.

Apologies for this -work is what brings in the doe so it has to take some sort of priority in my life but I'm determined to keep that under control and not let it be my ENTIRE life or let my life revolve around it.  Still learning to demarcate home and work space and not bring work home ( so ironic, i was just doing work an hour ago!).  Still trying, still learning...

Shall leave you with a photo of me, Jean and crazy Ms K.  She's a doll!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

JB Fun!!

Headed off to JB yesterday with Cool Club (my fabulous colleagues!).  We have been talking about going to JB for the longest time and after one failed attempt, we endeavoured to make it happen yesterday and by God's grace, we made it!

It's fun that the whole gang of 8 went on this trip and there were 4 cars in total - one guy and girl per nice.  S came along since he is from JB and brought us around to each 'uber good food!

E and JS together in one car...

Posing for pictures before lunch..

Love love love the prawn mee and char kway teow..a steal at RM4!

3 to mark attendance

T and E, our pro photographers

D and me, I was the fortunate one who got to sit in his fabulous Zheng Honda Civic, complete with sun roof and red bucket seats!

All the food...

 After shopping at Bukit Indah, we went to an Orang Asli village for dinner...and boy the food was awesome..

JS and E picking out our crabs..

The guys clowning around while posing for photos..

We girls are more tamed..

The whole gang for 8 and the fabulous food we polished off!

All in all, I think we had a great time bonding and spending time with each other.  The gang of 8 is really close knitted and most fun to be with!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Anyone interested?

Been doing a bit of destashing (slowly but surely!) and I'm putting up these 2 stamps for sale..
Do contact me at if you're interested!

1.  Brand new stamp - never used. Going for $6.

2.  This stamp has been used before but is still in good condition. The back is very slightly stained (typical of all stamps) but this will not affect the image imprinted on paper when you use it.  Going for $9. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


H is really really busy these few days (what's new right??) with a new phase in his life and we both believe it's for the better as it'll mean he has more time to spend with me.  On most days, he works really hard and after he gets back from work, he's still always at his computer doing other stuff.  And he will mark while we watch tv and there always seem to endless stuff to do.  I think he works too hard. And at times, he reminds me of myself when I used to run the rat race about 3 years back.  I almost died and I see him going down the same road as me.  So, I'm glad he has made some decisions in his life after much thought and prayer and tmrw pretty much seals it!

I'm happy for him and also for us cos we do pretty much lead hectic lives and don't have much time for each other except for saturday nights and sunday afternoons. So if this chance is supposed to give us more time together, I'm 101%  behind him.

Another startling discover today - I managed to get a peek into H's bank account (by accident) and was quite surprised with the amount I saw..let's just say he was pretty much creamed out when we got married 2 years ago and I'm proud that he has curbed his spending and have worked towards building up his savings.  We do have dreams and wants we'll like to achieve in the years to come and I think we're on track.

Will update about the change in H's life when I can (probably in the next few months).  For now, mum's the word..