Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sale page updated!

After another round of purging, I'm happy that I'm at peace with parting with more of my stash and have updated my sale page.  There's a technique tuesday stamp, websters blooms, do take a look if you're interested!

Down to one!

Thanks for sticking with me so far on this meivid journey.  My SIL asked me today what the groom's name is as she was trying hard to guess what name would have a 'vid' in it..and for the record (and also to put an end if you're guessing) - it's David. :)

Book 11: Crate Paper Portrait goodness, topped with Prima Swirls and words from Creative Imaginations.  *I heart*

Book 12: Prima's Madeline's collection papers, backed with Retrospection tags, drizzled with Prima flowers and swirls. Embossed bird cage to add texture to the project and icing on the cake has to be the butterflies! :)

I think I'm going to have a hard time picking a favourite!  
If you are with me on this journey, let me know which one(s) you like best! :)
Haven't started on Book 13 but will do so this week. Must give it my best shot since it is the last! :)

Kate's antics!

Ok this girl is getting to be cheeky these days and is up to some mischief!  Yesterday I went over to Josh's place and spent some time with her and we had fun quizzing her on what she'd like to be in the future.

Jean: Kate, what do you want to be when u grow up?
Kate: A lady bug.
Jean: What?  I thought you want to be a teacher?
Kate: Yes!
Jean: Do you want to work in Mac Donalds?
Me: You get to eat hotcakes for free!
Kate: Yes!

And then I brought her to wash her hands after her meal and while washing,
she said: 'Bye bye germs. Ah Kong say one'..
Alamak..SO CUTE!

And here are photos of Baby Beth and me at her 1 month party..

MINI KATE in action! heheh :)

Will be back soon with a short video clip of Kate singing and some more Meivid pics!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More of Meivid!

2 days of blogging break and I'm back again..
Trying not to MIA so often :)

H is away at IPT and I'm home alone on a tuesday after getting through Manic Monday and crazy today..but all's still good although there is work to be done later.

Continuing with my Meivid adventures...

Book 7: More BG Capella inspired, topped with plenty of swirls and a little message bottle.  I sneaked in a little message in the bottle for the case she ever sees it and I think it will be a nice surprise.

Book 8:  Ok I promise this will be the last of the BG Capella range I'll use for this project. I think I am getting a bit OD of Capella goodness and this was my initial favourite but now that I've done more books, I'm not quite sure which is my favourite anymore...But I love the Love Birds stickers!!

Book 9: Maya Road Swirls with retrospection tags and prima flowers. Notice the bird on the top right hand corner?? That's a unity stamp! pretty! And I love the stamps in that range.  The charms were bought from Chinatown and I added sparkling diamond sticklers to the white flowers!

Book 10:  Prima Medalaine collection and retrospection tags, together with many prima flowers and (even) more prima swirls.  No book is complete without crystals!  I have to put them in each book!!  I love the tabs for the pages of this book..thanks to HY for lending me her tab punch. And her floral vine. And Vintage Doily punches for the inside pages of each book!

Yeah..10 books so far..not too bad ah?  In 3 weeks.  I have 3 more books to go but I really have no time yet to start on the next book which will feature Crate Paper's portrait collection.  Maybe this weekend I can find some time to get started.  I hope to be back soon to post pictures once I'm done.

P.S: I will have a give away soon after No 13 is done and it'll involve a bit of guessing.
Hint to one of the questions:  Out of these 10 books, one of them is NOT done by me.. :) YES. It's true. I got scrap blocked and as usual, my sister came to the rescue so yeah..start guessing which is done by her ok? 

And here's to surviving Wed, Thurs and Fri...yeah yeah yeah!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ha...yes..I'm finally back!

2 weeks.
That's about how I long I've disappeared off the face of blogging.
And in these 2 weeks I was busy with:
  • Marking heaps of common test papers
  • Preparing work for next term (still not finished! argh!)
  • and scrapping, of course.

D, a colleague of mine, asked if I would help him make 16 mini albums, yes, 16!! for his upcoming wedding.  He wanted to put photos of him and his wife in each album for the guests to look at during the dinner. And best part is he wanted each table to have one album so that accounts for the 16 books. Ok, thank God it's only 16 tables. Can u imagine if he had 50 tables???? :)  I suggested to him to leave pages for guests to put their own photos and write stuff in the pages and he's so keen on the idea he's going to get 2 other colleagues to go around with polaroid cameras on the day itself so everyone can snap their own pics!  Awesome!

He's giving me a lot of free play with this one to do whatever style I'd like..Scary feeling cos I'm not sure what his style is. But I figured he also doesn't know what his style is..I mean..can u imagine a guy telling you he wants 'Vintage Sweet' for his wedding? yeah..I am left to my creative devises.

And yes, these albums are going to be a surprise for his wife...and I'm sure she'll love the idea of it! :)

And here's what I came up with these holidays:

Book 1: Combination of Basic Grey's Capella tags, with Botanical Papers & Prima Swirls I snapped up from thescrapbookcarton.  I still love carton heaps after all these years. Their prices are the best here in Singapore!

Book 2: Capella Tags, Capella Cardstock Stickers and Capella Wedding Stickers & latest prima swirls!

Book 3: Capella Papers, Capella Tags and nice flowers from Bangkok!  This is the very first book I made! And I'm grateful I've hoarded Capella stuff since they came out..cos this is the perfect chance to use them all!
Book 4: Prima Medaline Papers & Cardstock Stickers, with awesome frame from Annie42's etsy shop.  Thanks to Viola for the link!

Book 5:  Pink Paislee Parisan Anthology Papers, Making Memories Wedding Tags, coupled with uber blue handmade pearls by me and some charms at the top.  So far, this piece has been a favourite among many of my friends who've taken a peek at the books I've done so far!

Book 6: I think this is an improved version inspired by Book 5- MM transparent & opaque tags from their wedding collection, Prima Retrospection Tags and heaps of Prima swirls again from carton.

And yes, Meivid is a combination of both their names..which explains why it's the title of every book!

Thanks for sticking with me so far. It's been a long post and I will be back soon with more pictures of my Meivid Adventures. I've enjoyed the crafting process so far as it's very different from what I usually do and it's fun to see what other styles I can come up with besides my usual bright, happy hues.

Stay tuned..during the week I will post more photos of books...and after I've revealed all the books, I'll have a little contest and a giveaway....I think you awesome bloggers deserve some goodies for sticking with me so far.

Have a great week ahead!