Saturday, May 31, 2008


A week of the holidays has flown by and I'm still half wondering where it has gone to and what I've been up to all this while. I mean, I've been doing work (although not as much as I'd like to finish) but somehow the time is just passing way to fast for my liking. I really have to treasure the remaining few weeks and sqeeze in time to do more work and also to really chill.

Went shopping today with mum and sis. It's always good to have a girls day out where you get genunine opinions on items you pick out and although mum takes forever at every shop she steps into, sis and me try not to let it get to our mood and we remain upbeat about doing more shopping. Dad picked us up from the train station and it's been about an hour since I've showered and am smelling all clean and fresh.

Life is good at this moment for me.

Been thinking about how blessed I've been lately and how God really has given so much more to me than I ever deserve. I have a great family, a (not so) great job but at least I can still afford food and a decent living, wonderful friends who are always there for me and a person to share my ups and downs with and who is ever so patient and accommodating...

I am truly very very blessed. Thank you, Lord.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh, what a day!

Been a really long and crazy today which started with 4 colleagues calling in one after each other to report sick. It's strange how when you have a long day at work, more people choose to take MC, perhaps to escape PTM?

Tried to write the testimonials today and by the time I got to the 7th one, my brains were totally fried and no matter how hard I tried, I could not avoid being repetitive- then I knew I had to stop and take a breather.

Got home around 5:15pm, immediately changed and went to prepare the ingredients for dinner. Washed and cooked the rice, chopped the onions, sliced the luncheon meat band beat the eggs. While waiting for the rice to cook, I soaked the hand wash clothes and thereafter took a short break and read the newspapers. 6:15 - time to open the wok and cook the fried rice..chomp chomp it done in 20 minutes. Mum got home shortly after and decided that sis had to go to the doctor for her swollen eyes and because she was very tired, I had to send her to the clinic. By the time we got home it was 7:35 already and I was dead beat. The pail of hand-wash clothes was still not washed. I kind of expected dad and mum to do it but I guess they were too engrossed watching American Idol. So I got off my butt and decided I'd do it since I started it..and sis helped me despite her puffy eyes.

Just took a bath, very tired now, mentally drained, physically exhausted and linguistically challenged (at least for now).

Hope I will find more inspiration tomorrow for the testimonials. Dying to get them finished and out of the way..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Almost there...

It's been a good start to a short 4 day week with nothing very urgent to settle today and the day passed by at a good pace. I did a write up for one of the bosses, followed by preparing materials for next week's extra class. Got that settled, together with the report books for the form class. I'm quite happy with today's progress and hope that tomorrow will see me finishing as much work as today. I'll work more on materials for the 2nd half of the year tomorrow.

Had lunch at Cafe Le Amis at the botanic gardens. The food is pretty ok but the ambience is really great. Lush greenery juxtaposed with serenity on a peaceful tuesday was a good way to end my tuesday although I did wish the sky would be cloudier and the sun a little more kind to us poor souls bearing the brunt of its fury.

Tomorrow I'm off to the dentist in the afternoon. Dr Toh says I have a chipped filling which needs to be replaced. Sigh. I've tried so hard all these years to keep my teeth in tip top condition to prevent any serious dental work and now I need to re do the filling because it was chipped. Great. What happened to the disciplined brushing and flossing every day and night? :( In any case, I guess that beats having a root canal which apparently hurts very badly according to Van. I am definitely not prepared for that.

Monday, May 19, 2008


In the spirit of updating my blog, I shall post another entry tonight. Spent a very lazy Sunday yesterday at home and was planning to do the same thing today until Mum suggested going to Plaza Sing to shop. I accompanied her down town to lavish on all the good discounts the shops were offering and managed to get some stuff too. It's always good to get great discounts on the stuff you buy-somehow it makes the item a bit more 'valued' as you know you got it at a good deal.

Went to PS with a heavy heart the whole time as I was thinking how best to break the news to mum - an half the time anticipating how she would react to it. I didn't think she would actually take it too hard but I was just preparing myself for the worse - afterall, she did give me a hard time 6 years ago when she heard something similar. I didn't say anything in the end as I guess I couldn't muster the courage to do so. Another chance came today when the whole family was going for dinner. Mum wanted to walk so I took the chance to accompany her and somewhere along the walk, the words just came out. She took it rather well in fact and was more than supportive. I guess her approval for the choices I make in this life are important to me and I really value her opinion; which explains why all this time I was finding a chance to spill the beans. I'm glad I finally did it and that's one more load off my back.

Spent some time after dinner doing my Quiet Time and I'm reminded once again how much I value the presence of God in my life; just that 10-15 minutes of bible reading, prayer really keeps me in tune and in touch with God. Prayed for Fern and Sally for breakthroughs and that God will work in their lives; and prayed for the victims of China and Myammar for God to intervene.

The phone's ringing now, got to go...will update again.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I really should make it a point to update my blog more frequently -since that's the reason why people have a blog in the first place. To start this entry, I guess I'll write about what's weighing on my mind currently. I know it sounds cliche but the recent calamities that have hit Myammar and China have struck a cord with me. Something tugs at my heart each time i see pictures on the newspapers and the plight of innocent people suffering in these places makes me feel that sometimes I take what I have for granted -literally. I mean, there are thousands out there who are in pain, waiting for aid, and have no idea when their next meal is going to be but here I am in Singapore - thinking of which movie to watch next, which shopping mall is having sale and worrying about spending too much money when people out there have literally lost everything in their lives. I feel guilty already. Although I know it is impossible for me to physically bring food and clothing to them, I guess that being appreciative of what I have does help to lessen my guilt. Fern once told me that she thinks I'm very blessed. I'll never ever forget this line of hers because I think she hit the nail right on the head. God has never failed to provide for me all these years. I've never been the smartest, tallest, slimmest or best looking gal around but in His own way, He has made my paths straight. He saw me through every exam (I hate exams!), every painful night in my honours year, every tear-stained eye after I broke up with my ex and moulded me slowly to what I am today. He has given me a good job, a supportive family, nice colleagues and great friends who stand by me through so many seasons. I am very blessed.

Rev Teo talked about Proverbs 21:15 today 'Many are a man's plans but it's the Lord's will that prevails'. I am once again reminded that while I can fight and wrestle with God, I cannot outdo Him and I am totally powerless if I decided to go against Him. I think too often, I let my own preferences, choices and fancies take precedence that I forget to ask if this is what God wants for me. I make my own decisions without praying hard enough and simply put, i don't let God be God. I seriously think I need to re-examine my life and where God is in the whole scheme of things.

For a start, I'm going to make it a point to go back to CG every forthnight. I've been too much of a procrastinator and it's time to go back to reconnect with the CG people and God..for a new start.