Sunday, June 29, 2008

Long(er) Weekend..

Got a break this week on Friday where the kids have their time fo fun celebrating Youth Day and lessons were cancelled (YIPPEEE!) much to the delight of everyone. Although there was a bit of running around to ensure that everything was in order and the kids didn't mess up the entire place, I was nonetheless very glad that there was no teaching to be done. After I left work, I went down for lunch and then it was off to meet the sister for some shopping before dinner.

Spent yesterday at Changi Beach for the afternoon (What a nice place) before heading off to church for a dinner gathering. As usual, our conversation centred around J and his impossible crush on V and his never-ending emotional ride with his feelings. He's a nice guy but lacks courage to go after that one girl who could possibly be his if he tried. But as I was talking to him (again) today before church, I realised that sometimes there are desires in our heart and I believe that God plants them at times but in other instances, they could just be our own. Nonetheless, I still encourage him to keep praying for courage and wisdom. The former to help him try to talk to her and the latter for knowing what to say and when to pull back if necessary. Relationships are tricky, like stepping in a mine field so it's alway good to thread with caution. I will keep praying for my emotionally tormented brother who has his life turned upside down in the recent months...

On another note, things are going well for is as usually crappy but I just try to do the best I can and hope to find as much joy and meaning in what I do. It just really tiring & crazy at times but I'll hang in there till I really can't go on..

Dear Lord, please give me strength for tomorrow and wisdom for each day that u give..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First Week..

School started again on Monday after a month of hiatus and while I was really not looking forward to it, I thank God that the first 2 days have gone be pretty smoothly. On monday morning I woke up earlier than usual (5:05am) and left by 5:45am to get to school. Was the first one in at 6:15 and did some clearing of work before the rush started. Prayed that morning on the way that God will give me strength to do all I had to and I must really thank Him for his grace and strength because I know that He alone carried me through these 2 days.

It's really amazing how prayer works and what God can do if we put Him first in our lives. To commmit each day to Him, to sing songs of praise as I trud from the bus stop to school each day is something I enjoy and must constantly remind myself to do because I know that God hears our prayers and will bless us.

On another note I think I've been eating too much ice cream and cakes..must cut down..and go running regularly...need to be able to fit my clothes!

Am looking forward to friday...going to be a day of fun and games..woo hooo hooooo...

Praise be to the Lord!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Crazy Days

Finally found some time today to blog about the series of unfortunate events (no pun intended) that have hit me these past few days after deciding that work never ends and some times, I really need to pull the reigns and tell myself that work can wait and it's ok not to get everything done now - you just need to get it done by the deadline.

Been shot a few last minute arrows that i can't even begin to describe what they are but I fear that this is only the start of a worse term to come. Bosses have been smsing / emailing me about work and my 'to-do' list is getting longer and longer. I'm already preparing for a long list of things to do tomorrow when I go back to settle some work stuff. I'll be glad if I can make it out of the office by 11am. Hopefully nothing much crops up again. It's a pity that my passion for the work I do dwindles as time goes by because I've learnt that I'm not measured or judged solely by my ability to deliver in class but for other seemingly important admin work that management values. Whatever happened to spending time and bonding with my students?


In the midst of all the craziness around me, I'm still grateful for my close friends and family who make life worth living for. Their company and love is something I treasure and feel very blessed to have them in my life.
And to my Lord and Saviour who reminds me daily that this life is just a passing because I am only on this journey to something greater for eternity.
And also to the one who is always there for me at the end of each day to listen to me rant; whose shoulders I always want to lean on through good and bad times, whose company I treasure and enjoy deeply and above all, who means the world to me.
I'm sold.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Went down town to watch the Incredible Hulk yesterday and enjoyed it heaps. Edward Norton is a good actor and I vividly remember him from 'The Septre' many years ago where I thought he was fantastic. He's still a prolific actor in my eyes and I admire his acting talent. Really am anticipating the sequel of the show, hopefully it'll come soon.

Had waffles at Gelare after the dinner as it was waffle day and it was quite packed with many people. I really enjoy their waffles - thick, crispy and drizzled with maple syrup with 2 scoops of ice cream. A slice of heaven here on Earth. But I do fear it's quite damaging to my waist line - i can almost feel my waist getting bigger after a trip to waffle heaven each time and am left wondering if it's worth the calories.

Will go for a run tomorrow. I'm starting to learn the trick to a good run - go slow and aim for endurance rather than speed. I think i've been to preoccupied with finishing 3.5km in 25 minutes and end with my stitches each time. But on Sunday, I did a slow run..and it was good. I'm going to aim for that tomorrow and train my endurance before working on speed. Need to keep off the pounds..hate growing fat.

Back to work tomorrow to clear some stuff before crazy Monday. I am not looking forward to it but guess all good things must come to an end. Trying to savour these last few moments for now.

On a lighter note, today as I walked out of cine after dinner I felt really blessed and it dawned upon me that I'm really in a good place now in my life and have never been better and happier than ever before. I really am very blessed.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hong Kong

Went to HK last weekend and just got back a few days ago. Was a very good trip in terms of shopping and walking around..having a good time buying stuff and trying new food. Of special mention is the durian pastry I had one afternoon that was both baked and fried (that's what it said on the menu) and while I was half wondering why there was a need to both bake and fry it, thoughts of that soon disappeared when I sank my teeth into the soft, creamy and delectable dessert. The richness of the durian flavour coupled with a paper-like cripsy pastry was an instant hit. I was sold immediately. Yumz..wish I could have some of it now.

Most days were spent walking around the usual popular hunts and shopping districts and the nights were at the markets or the streets. I miss HK already. The vibrancy is amazing and while my only grouse is that the streets are pepetually filled with people, I guess it's something I could really live with if I decide to reside in HK for a while.

For now, it's back to life her in the Lion City and back to more work as the hols are ending in a week's time. Will be going back tomorrow to clear some work in hope that it will mitigate the usual first day of school flurry and frenzy.

Friday, June 6, 2008


The hols have been going great so far. Enjoying much of it thus far and am really loving the fact that I can wake up to a bright morning sun each other. Awesome.

Also, I've not been shopping much lately for some reason. Not many purchases - I guess I started way before the sale and am not really in the mood to go down town to throng the shops.

Shopping Drought (but good for my wallet).

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Been quite a busy few days even though it's the holidays and I'm technically supposed to be having a break. Come to think of it, it's been my busiest hols so far as the past few ones all seem to be a little more free but these days, it feels like everyday I wake up to a whole day full of activities. Whatever happened to just waking up and not knowing what you're going to do for the day?

Did quite a bit of work for next term but there is still some more to go and I have to get that one before Sunday when I leave. Once that is done, will be a great load off my mind and I'll do the brushing up of the testimonials when I get back.

Mum got off work since last week and we've been spending quite a bit of time together now that it's just mainly the 2 of us at home. We have lunch together and she likes walking around so we usually go to some suburban mall to walk around and eat yummy food like the rojak at Toa Payoh. It's really still the best rojak I've ever had and I'm not even a big of it to begin with. Just like the 'you tiao' and pineapple only - that's my version of what constitutes rojak!

Today we went to IKEA for lunch (all 10 yummy meatballs are floating in my stomach) followed by grocery shopping at Giant which took us a full hour. Sis and me were done with my snack shopping in 10 minutes but mum, being typical, took forever selecting the veggies, fish and what naught. Well, consolation is that we did have a pretty good dinner tonight (and last night too) and everyone's really liking it cos we miss home cooked food so much. Makes me wanna have my own kitchen and start experimenting my own concoctions..someday I'll get there!