Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Celebrations!

The past few days have been pretty busy running around to complete errands and chilling out with friends. The family Christmas party was a last minute arrow shot to me and Jam by mummy dearest and thankfully, we pulled it off without much fuss. Mum and the aunts were very helpful in assiting us in buying the nitty gritty stuff like balloons, table clothes, etc. for the party; in addition to preparing quite a bit of food for us. They really helped in making the party a more homely one with home cooked food instead of making do with catered food. It was also good to see the nephews and nieces; how fast they have grown. Toby looks so different from the last time I saw him in Feb when he was only a month old. Guess time really flies.

On a different note, yesterday we had our family lunch (only the 6 of us plus Uncle K) at this restaurant in Kitchener Road which served really good Chinese food. After that we all trotted down to Robinson's while dad sent Uncle K home. Robinsons was one big nightmare and madhouse, of which I was glad to be out off after 20 mins because I had to meet H at Marina to catch National Treasure 2. The show was pretty good and I liked it more than the first one- some funny moments like when Riley jumps into the car and tries to drive off..then he realises he's in London and not America.

After the show we took a walk to Riverside to get to Cafe Iguana for dinner and drinks. We had a good time talking, I think we spent close to 4 hours there chatting, amidst the serene Singapore River and bustling activties juxtaposed against the whole of clarke quay. It's always nice and heart warming to have a good friend that you can say anything to and the conversation just flows without either one of your trying very hard to keep it going. And at the end of the day when it's time to leave, you still feel that you can carry on talking but it's really time to say good night. I always enjoy having such conversations with my friends because these are the moments that leave your spirits feeling happier, your heart a little warmer and your footsteps a little lighter, each step of the way home...

Thanks, H, for a nice dinner, good drinks and the best company I had this Christmas. Glad I spent it with you.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A wasted trip?

Took a short nap this afternoon after coming home from lunch with dad and Jean. Thereafter, around 4pm, I decided to head down to suntec to redeem 2 movie vouchers for a show on Christmas day. Upon reaching the ticketing counter, the sales staff informed me that I was unable to redeeem the tix as it was only valid for movies worth $7 and tix on Christmas are $9.50. Great. I was really a bit cheezed off as I had gone all the way down in the rain, only to find that I have made a wasted trip. H and I then decided to watch at another cinema. I was up for the idea even though it would mean spending more money as we'd have to book tix online as Eng Wah really isn't the best cinema around. After we decided not to purchase the tix, I decided that to make my trip more worth it, and in a bit to make myself feel better; I'd treat myself to a donut and forget about the calories that came along with it.

I survived the bus ride home in the rain and took a hot shower. Guess that makes up for everything. :)

Looking forward to church tomorrow and lunch with the gals. Always a joy to be in the House of the Lord.

My first inaugural post!

I'm finally on the blogging scene! For years I have resisted the idea of blogging for fears that the organisation I work for will someday find use of my blog entries against me if the need arose but I am finally here today. The idea of starting to blog came to mind yesterday as I boarded the south bound train after a good hearty chat with D, a friend I've lost touch with for 9 years but was happy to finally see again. I wanted to find an avenue to pen down my thoughts about our conversation which centred around her current secret life- one that is contraversial, shady and in short, an entrapment. I found myself being drawn into her present situation and at the same time sharing her pain, regrets and helplessness.

As we parted ways, D reminded me that I should never do anything that I would live to regret because there are not many instances when we get a second chance as opportunities seldom knock twice at our doors. Obviously such things are cliche but I think it was a very very timely reminder to me that I need to make wise decisions in my life as I need to live with the choices I make.

On a lighter note, I had dinner with my ex bartley friends who have been my rock and anchors through many difficult moments of my life. We're not the closest of friends now but we've seen each other grow up and I know that they will always be there for me. It's always nice seeing them again because our conversations are always full of banter and jokes such that there is seldom a dull moment. Tiff did a very good job with the food and I must say, she's a very creative cook and conjoured up interesting dishes that I've never tasted before. A pity I don't have a camera to take photos of all the good food (and good people!) but I really looking at getting one next year with the LDS scheme. We're going to meet again on the 31st at the shang, courtesy of EJ who always gets a hotel room every year- and never fails to invite us to mess up the room with him. What would we be doing on new year's eve every year if not for him? Thanks EJ, you're a pal.

And before I forget, happy birthday, Jon! Thanks for eating the bacon off my prawns yesterday too. Saved me from running 1 extra km today :)