Monday, August 17, 2009

New Layout!

Did this layout on sunday night for my pre wedding photos and completed it this evening with the help of Jean. I love the final look of it and am really glad it all came out quite nicely together. Big thanks to Jean as always for the photos and resizing. I owe her big time (but i think i already paid her in kind by giving her an album from cosmo!)

Here are the photos:

Have a great week ahead!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Maya Road Mini Album

Was very inspired by the design of this Maya Road Mini Album and I decided that I was going to buy it and work on a little project to capture our good days together over the past year. I think it's always nice to look back on the past and jot down your memories of those great moments you have with your SO. As always, October Afternoon is one of my most favourite brands to work with and definitely a wise choice to do up this album. Maya Road + October Afternoon = GREAT STUFF!!

Here's how the album looks like!

Inside Pages:

Have a good week everyone. Will try to post my next project soon!

Monday, August 10, 2009

New blogskin!

Got a new blogskin up today after deciding that my own one (or lack of) was too boring. Thanks to Sri who tried to teach me via MSN and my sister who came over to my room and did it for me. I'm happy with the new skin.

Programme for today:
Lunch with family..Kate is coming over. Woo!
Collect stuff at my tailor

Have a good holiday everyone!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Late Photos!

Was clearing my desktop today and doing some back up and I realised that I've not posted these photos of an album I did about 2 months back. This is the first of 2 6 x 6 albums I've done using the fantastic zutter my colleagues got me. It's about me and my better half!

Here are some pictures:

On a side note: Went to watch $ing Dollar today at the Esplanade and was surprised to see Joel Nah's name in the band. Wow. He's really talented (I'd always knew that) but I didn't know he was that acclaimed in the local music scene. Managed to chat with him for a while after the show and it's nice to see old friends again after so long.

On an even better note: The long weekend is here and that means I can hang up my working socks for a while and do some scrapping but that'll have to wait till Monday cos I think I'll do some work tomorrow to feel less guilty. Didn't do any on friday and today!

have a great weekend!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Longover due post!

Here's what I've been up to for the past few weeks :) I think I love to scrap a lot but I really don't have a habit of taking photos of them and putting them on my blog. Since I'm on a roll, I'll do it tonight!

First up....album of Tokyo. Love that place heaps and wish I can go back someday. 3 pictures of what I've done after the trip in June.

List of Materials: OA Road Trip stickers & The all wonderful Zutter from my favourite ex colleagues. The rest are just usual cardstock and patterned paper, mostly from American Crafts.

Next up...Layout of our wedding photoshoot..

This piece will probably go to either of our parents on our wedding day as a gift from us to them. They have been generous to give (i.e. sponsor) us with many things over the past few months and I think this would be a nice gesture to thank them (although I still think we can never outgive them). I was initially quite reluctant to part with it as I think it's one of my most favourite Layouts at the moment but I am comforted that it will be a blessing to them so I'm going to part with it (I'm sure I'll still see it when we go over to visit!)

Erlia's Class!

Jean found out last week that Erlia was conducting a class at her place; similar to the one she had in Brunei (a mini butterfy album). We signed up immediately and today was the class! Last night we packed our bags so that this morning we won't have to rush. Here are some photos of what we did:

Cover of the butterfly album:

Inside Pages:

Here's 3 of us for a group shot after our class (looking happy with our album!!)

Here's me and Lia. It's an honour to take a photo with her (given that I admire her work very much. Her stuff are always so pretty!)

Looking forward to the next class..using OA papers. I'm so going for it. Totally. Have to drag Fern along. She needs to destress.