Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Washi Tags Mini Tutorial of sorts...

What a week it has been!  Very hectic and most of my afternoons were burnt due to meetings and courses.  Sorry for the silence.  April has never been a good month in my work calender and is infamously known to be one of the hell months.  July is the next one.

Managed to create some washi tags this weekend and was very happy with the end result.  Washi is my lastest craze and addiction, no thanks to SBM and the many companies producing washi tape with the lastest CHA collection.

Let me explain how I did these:

First, I got hold of some manila tags and inked them with Versamark.  I tried to stamp on the tags and realised that it turned out very light.  I added some Versafine Sepia onto the stamp pad and using my pinky finger, rubbed it all around to distribute the color.  Thereafter, more Versamark and you're ready to stamp!

Here's how it'll look like after u stamp on the tags:

Photo on the left shows the lightest Versamark without any ink and the next two show varying degrees on how dark the background image can be.  I like the middle one the best as it creates a very soft background and perfect for decorating.

Thereafter, PILE ON YOUR WASHI!!  I added an Ali Edwards Technique Tuesday stamp 'The absolut blessing of Today' to complement the washi.

Tag No 1: A Thank You tag...

Tag No 2: 'For you'...

Tag No 3:  Happy Birthday...

Tag No 4: Another Happy birthday....

Don't you love playing with Washi?  I'm having so much fun.  For these tags, I used about 4 different washi designs and 3 from the Colet collection which has the words 'Happy Birthday', etc.  They're really very fun and easy to use.

Some simple guidelines if you like to create something similar:
1. Plan in advance which tapes you have will 'match' in colour and use them generously.  Washi really does not cost that much and it'll take you very long to use up one roll so just bring it on!

2.  I started out by creating one tag first, as I always do when I'm creating multiples of anything.  Once you are happy with it, you can 'copy' your design to the other tags. Line them all up in a row and you're good to go!

3.  Have heaps of fun!  Washi is meant to bring you joy! :)

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Instagram Love

Can't believe I'm hooked on Instagram.  Me, the techie noob. hahahah :)

Among my favourites are Early Bird and Sienna..Or rather, I should say Early bird cos it's about the only one I use.

Aren't these photos pretty????

Cute buttons I made..decided to type words on them but aligning it to appear in the centre of the button was tough work.  Many redos.

My other Royal baby.  MUCKS!!!  Put some washi to make it look better!

Smashed away last night and this morning.  I love my smash journal. As J rightly put it, it's like a mini layout.  Only easier. 

Another page of my smash.  Dedicated to Terence who left us at work this month.  Sure gonna miss him. 

Updates on work:  This week was way better.  Next week will be hell but I will try my best to survive.  I hope it will not be as bad as I think it will be.  Following week is exam.  Different kind of hell but there are perks for us adults when the kiddos take exams. 

Thanks to one and all who have left me positive comments, esp those who are praying for me.  I know that God is good and He will continue to see me through. :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

What makes me happy...

Couple of updates for this week...

1.  I bought a typewriter!!  Yeah!  Really very happy that I finally got my hands on a good piece and I hope it will be with me for a long time to come :)

Introducing Mr Quirky: Made in the 1950s or 60s in Japan.  Still in case and I have the manual :)

2.  Had an idea of using this typewriter to type on washi tape...and then to cut them to fit my little pegs.  Love the end result:

3.  Loving my ever growing washi tape collection.  I can simply say this: I love every single one of them heaps.  I've kicked out the not so nice ones in my collection and these are my precious babies.  Just looking at them makes me happy. And i think that's what matters most.

P.S: Don't ask me why I have 2 air mail washi tapes.  But i am more than happy to have 2 in my posession.

On another note, I had a really bad Thursday, quite possibly triggered by a draining Wed and poor sleep which left me totally in the shambles on Thursday.  Somehow, i really wished i never lived to see that Thursday cos it was one of my worse days ever.  Was so tired throughout the whole day, i literally felt I was on drugs and just floating my way through the day without actually KNOWING what I was doing.  Went for 3 lessons in a daze and slightly high on adrenaline and gasoline in my system.  I have no idea how i survived that day but I do know I came home, plonked myself in the shower and had a big cry.  The big ugly cry.  And then I just sat there for half an hour trying to compose myself and garner back some of my lost energy.  Thank God it's over and that today is a better day.

I really feel very drained these few weeks. Actually, should rephrase this. I've been feeling drained for the past 7 years.  My first 2 years were good years..then everything went downhill.  Work started piling up and reached the point of no return.  How do you compensate yourself for 7 years of sleep deprivation? 

Pray with me if you've read this far ok? I need God's strength to carry me though..