Thursday, December 30, 2010

Very delayed Hong Kong photos!

Sorry I took this long to share photos of my HK trip..Just been in inertia mode this whole time and now that it's like only 4 more days (4 MORE DAYS) to the start of another round of misery, I'm starting to get a panic attack!!

Here's some shots of my trip to Hong Kong with H..along the way we met my parents there and had the best time of my life eating all the best food the land could offer!

 Me and H waiting to take the mini bus to Elementz mall..first time on board on of those..zoom all the way!

 At the foot hill of the Great Big Buddha at Lan Tau island...such a long trip to get there and we had to pay to climb the 300+++ steps to get up there! Love this photo heaps though!

 Thumbs down to J for being so scared on the cable car ride back..ahhahahaha....She was powerless to stop me from mocking her even though she knew H was taking a photo of me doing this! hahaha :)
 H and Me before the cable car ride....probably the last time we ever go to Lan Tau island..

Mum, J and me..I wonder who looks more like mum!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sale stuff updated!

Hey Ladies,
Just to let u know that I've updated the sale page with liquid pearls, distress stickers and inks.

Check it out!

Have a good weekend!  I hope to be back soon!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hey scrappers!

Thanks for dropping by...I know how it's like when we do that disappearing game and your readers are like wondering where in the world you are!

I envy scrapper mums like Stephanie Howell have 4 kids and still blog more regularly than me! I need to repent!
She's wonderwoman..
I'm just a silly scrapper who dreams of being jobless and scrap all day long!

I'm sorry I've not done very much scrapping this holidays..I'm guilty for hoarding so much stuff and not using them and what makes it worse is that H doesn't or never ever scolds or chide me! He just lets me pile my things up, occupy 3 cupboards and stays silent each time I come home with a PM or MWL paper bag. Argh..Now I feel doubly guilty!

Time to stop!!

hahhaa..If you know me well, I will resolve to stop buying, as I did 3 months back. Restrain. Restrain. Then in 2 weeks, I go back on my word. hahahahaa :) *stop laughing Huayi!!*..... :)

Well, yesterday I met up with Beeks and I told her of my grand plan to save more money in 2011 and see how simply I can live. We talked about those days of how we just started working and were still very frugal with our spending.

We frequented This Fashion (yes, go ahead and laugh!!)
Ate cheapo fried Mars Bars at Far East with $3 fried chicken chop from Shi Lin Snacks.
Envied those who could spend $8.90 Waffles at Gelare while we sat at Far East eating our food.
And those who could part with $5 for a starbucks drink while that same $5 could buy us Hor Fun at Sakura to fill our tummies more.

We weren't poor. We had few bills to pay. But we did watch how we spent our money.

We have come a long way today, 7 years from graduating from NUS.

These days, $15 meals are common, sometimes $20 or up to $30 for one meal.
And the next meal could be that same amount.
And yet, we won't be counting our pennies. Money goes out easily from our wallets without much guilt or need to restrain.

How far we have come.

So, in 2011, it's back to the basics of living. And living simply.
$3 meals will make a come back.
But allow me my bubble tea indulgence.
Just this one vice. :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

New scrap display!

Just this morning,
H said: 'Maybe we should junk the CD player and speakers and clear out the area in the feature wall for you to put your scrap stuff'..

Me: "YES!!"...and smiling happily to myself!

So, we packed the speakers and CD player to sell off to cash converters next week and started bringing all my scrap stuff from the tv area to the display area.

H had a picnic basket lying in his car boot for ages and I thought it'll be perfect to house all the stuff I've made since I started scrapping 2 years ago.

Isn't this cool????  Now I have a perfect place to store all my scrap work!  I think that picnic basket looks lonely..thinking of getting another one!

Zooming in...

Gotta love those tags made by talented Viola who sent them to me...She's such a sweet girl!  Can't wait to see you in person, babe!

More close ups of the stuff I have in that display..and Yes, I think more easels from Daiso will be good too! 

Blessed Christmas, everyone! :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last of the gummies!

Yes, you read it right! These are the remainders of the gummies I released for sale a few months back and I used whatever remaining stash I had to make these. They are one of a kind and once this is sold, I will not be making another batch!

They are all slightly different so do email me at joannavlee@hotmail to purchase any of them if you like before they get sold out!

Each of these go for $4.50, excluding 50 cents postage :)

Gummy Love!

Gummy Joy!

Gummy Goodness!

Gummy Happiness!

Blessed Christmas in advance...I hope to check back in soon when I can squeeezzzeeeeee in some time...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Big apologies for MIAing this past 2 weeks!  I went to Hong Kong and got back to heaps of laundry and a messy house and was just too lazy to blog!  Plus I had heaps of TVB drama to catch up so there went all my time!

Scrapwise: I've not done very much, save for making some more embellishments.  I get a great kick out of thinking of how to do more embellishments rather than scrapping so I apologise that I don't have any scrappy photos this time to show you all!

Just an update of what u can expect to see in my pages above:

Script Stamp for sale...

More Faux Pearls..this time in Santa Baby Red!  

Another version of Faux Pearls that I wanted to try, with glitter sticks, more twirls included for that extra oomph!

Will be back soon with more gummies to share!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

KCK Blog Challenge! Yeah!!

Hi Ladies!!

I have good news to share with you on this lovely Sunday morning!  KCK is having a blog challenge using Basic Grey and I was invited to be a Guest Designer!  *YEAH!!*...Well, it's not often that I get such invitations so any is always welcomed!

I get my own badge too: *Thanks Sandy for the Badge!!*

 Sandy asked me to create 2 notebooks for this and when I got her email, I was like ....' SO TOTALLY YES!!!'..cos notebooks are so my thing!  And I love doing them...but this one was a challenge for me also cos if you're my regular reader, you know I seldom use BG! hahahha but it's good to venture out of my happy colour mode and try something different!

Here are the supplies I used:  

 Cappella Pagentry, Writer's Block, Paper Ribbion and Bling it!

Origins Hot Stone and Die Cuts

With these supplies, I made:

On the last photo you'll see clearly the flower I created using the paper ribbon..I love that these ribbons are so versatile and you don't necessary have to use them solely as ribbons per se but you can make flowers out of them!

Try this:  Cut a pece of paper ribbon of about 8 inches and make a fold at every interval:

Bunch them all together and stick the ends!  You'll get something like this:

Bring them all in together and stick a button on top and you're done! 

Easy Peasy right?

I hope you're inspired to take part in this challenge!  The prizes are drool worthy so please go go go!

Top Prize - S$80 BG product voucher
2nd Prize - S$50 BG product voucher
3rd Prize - S$30 BG product voucher

  Details can be found  here.  There are a few other fabulous ladies you have designed awesome stuff to insprire you so please check them out!:

Edleen Abdul
Veronica Goh
Sandy Ang
Aniza Mahyuddin 

Ladies!  You so rocked the projects!  I was really awed by the work you did! 

Have a great Sunday guys!!