Sunday, January 24, 2010

South African Album!

Finally found the inspiration this weekend to use my SA photos which have been in my cupboard for 2 months. I'm also on a scrapping frenzy to use up my insummountable stash of paper and embellishments. Decided to use the Early Bird range from Cosmo (Chant *destash, destash*) to make envelopes with pull out cards to document my trip.

I'd originally wanted to use the 7 Gypsies envelopes but they were out of stock and since I'm also on a destash mode, I thought, "What the Heck! I'll make them myself". I used to make my own envelopes in primary school so decided to use the same technique and they turned out just fine! Punch holes on the side, insert 2 rings to bind them together. Easy Peasy!

Here's how they look like:

This shot shows the full album with the pull out cards for each page:

Now for the inside pages (the pull out is next to the envelope that it resides in):

And the very last shot taken my H with his bathing ape toy in the foreground and my album in the background. I kind of like it with the blur background so I approved the shot for uploading to my blog!

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have a good week ahead!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Zuid Afrika!

I was busy over the weekend trying to complete the Guest Designer assignment given to me by the Scrapbook Carton and finally finished it!!

The task given to me was simple - complete a 12 x 12 layout with the best of my ability and I was not restricted by any theme. How's that for starters?? *Big Simle*

So I sieved through my photos and decided to do a layout to remember my honeymoon in South Africa. In the Afrikaan language, South Africa is spelt as 'Zuid Afrika' which I thought was simply awesome. This photo we took was in Cape Town, at a garden with really nice scenery and I really enjoyed the place. It was really a good trip- just the hubby and me and it was nice getting away from work and spending time with each other.

Here's a shot of the 12 x 12 layout:

Supply list: Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday, Early Bird & Nutmeg paper; Flowers from Scrapbook Carton 'Nik Nak' pack 'Just Because' Stamp from Basic Grey. American Craft Frames and Making Memories clip.

Thanks for dropping by..have a good week ahead!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Weekend's here! Really happy to have a short break even though a new week is looming soon but all's still good with me.

I've embarked on a new scrap project in a bid to speedily use up all my paper. I think over the year I've bought way too much and scrapped too little so this year I'm going to really tone down on those purchase. The maxim for 2010 is: "If i have to think about whether to buy something, then the answer is NO". Good things (like October Afternoon paper) do not require a second thought so that's the rule I'm going to adopt for this new year.

Will post photos of my new project soon since it's getting late and I dun have much time to whip out the camera, play with settings and edit the photos.

Till next time, have a good week!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Calender for 2010!

Apologies that I'm a little late for this post as I was very busy with work the whole week. I will be disappearing a lot during the weekdays now that work has started again but I'll try my best to pop by at least once a week.

I did this calender in the last week of Dec but couldn't finish it on time for the near year. It took more work than I expected but it's finally completed and I'm really happy. Photo time!

Here's a side shot of it:

Supplies: October Afternoon Paper (Cherry Hill collection) and most embellishments are from Maya Road and my own personal stash of pins and ribbons. :)

On a side note: I've finished the layout I was tasked to do by the lovely people at The Scrapbook Carton and will be posting up sneaks soon. Watch for it!

Till then..thanks for dropping by and have a good weekend!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

No Ribbons, No Flowers & No Pins!

Did the following tags in my last burst of fire and valiant attempt to scrap a bit more before work begins on Monday. Time passes too fast and there went 1.5 months of holiday. But before I digress, over the weekend I challenged myself to create tags cos I wanted to use up the ever growing stash of paper. I also wanted to expand my creative range and push myself to work with other embellishments besides pins, ribbons and flowers. It was tough trying to restrain myself from reaching out for those ribbons (which are like second nature to me!) but I survived!

Here's what I came up with:

For baby Tricia, Karen's new baby gal:

For my dear friend Becky who celebrates her birthday today..and to whom I also owed something for Christmas..:)

For my colleague Siew Yan who has helped me so much at work. And I sometimes wonder why I've done like 4 tags for other colleagues but her.'s yours!

Last tag's for my JC friend Carmen whom i'm not seen in 2 years. Gosh..sometimes I miss her so much! She's in Rome now so I'm going to send this to her for her birthday.

Here's all 3 of them together for a photo shot. I stuck 3m hooks in my cupboard today and was happy to let the tags hang on them.

Many thanks to my long suffering parter H who is always willing to photos for me and patiently lets me scrap while he waits for me to finish.

My favourite is a toss between Tricia and Becky's tag. Can't decide. H chose Siew Yan's. Which is yours? :)

Have a good year everyone!!