Sunday, February 24, 2008

This week has by far been the worse week of the year for me with multiple things hitting me all at one go. It's the usual crazy season of the year for all of us and while I was already mentally prepared to devote all my time to the usual rhetoric, I did not expect all the other things to suddenly descend upon me.
Chief among which was a shocker that came via sms on friday with my close colleague (and friend) informing me that our new boss was forming an ad-hoc committee to get some of us to undertake a new project to improve the workplace. I was quite dumbfounded as to what this was all about until I read the email and realised that it was only sent to 10 of us sitting ducks and I do think that by the end of the project, we'll all be really lame ducks. I mean, undertaking new projects is expected but from what i heard, this project seems out of our jobscope but I shall now reveal what it is until the inaugural meeting on Tues (what a waste of my time!).

It doesn't help that my colleague that I work closely with is very sick at the moment, down with fever and she doesn't look like she's getting better anytime soon and I have to cover quite a bit of stuff for her and our external instructor is hounding me lately over budget matters. Another one thing in my life to settle.

I guess this could go on and on, given that my portfolio this year is crazy but I guess this trying period is only temporary and will pass by in a few weeks time (I REALLY HOPE SO!).

At least for now, the scripts are done, waiting for 2 more on Tues and maybe just for the few hours left of today I can finally breathe a little easier and my heart will feel a little lighter.

Many thanks to H for his support yesterday evening and for being so patient to let me rant on and on... Also for the lovely honey bread cookie and kshocolat which are already in my belly..:)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Morning

It feels really good to wake up on a Sunday morning and not have to rush to work and you can really slowly take your time to get things done. Somewhere in the neighbourhood, there is the quaint sound of someone watering his plants and even somewhere further afield I can hear a rooster crowing. This leaves me to wonder which household around here actually rears a rooster in modern day Singapore and there, I can hear it making its cookoo-doo sounds again.

But I digress, this post is supposed to be about Sunday, not about the mysterious rooster hidden in someone's garden that I've not come to know about all these years. Sunday morning has always been my favourite morning because it's the one whole day in the week when you actually know you don't have to work and that in itself is a big comfort. I guess that work is really driving me crazy and any form of respite is always welcomed.

This week I have been seriously thinking about my options for Plan E and while I really want to make an exit, I guess the cautious side in me is still holding me back. The familarity of the job, the big hearted colleagues that I've come to know so well and the comfort level still holds me back. I think there's a big caterpillar in me that still wants to stay as much as possible in my cocoon but at times I think of what sort of butterfly I would be if I get out of my cocoon. I mean, there's so much to see and experience in this big world that the caterpillar in me would never know until I dare to venture on my own. I think I really need someone to give me wings.

The sunlight is slowly streaming in my room and it's getting brighter every moment. I'm enjoying this heaps. If only everyday can be a Sunday...

On an even brighter note; went to Seletar reservoir on Friday and it is a really beautiful place to go in the night. Not many cars, not many people, just the water that never stops moving and the swash and backwash hitting th banks every second. What a sight. I loved the watch tower too and I really must apologise for staying up there for too long because while I was happily enjoying myself up there and soaking in the scenery, I failed to realise that H had a fear of heights and I think it must have been quite a feat for him to go up there with me. Really appreciate it. :)

Later it's off to church to be in the House of the Lord (what great joy that is!) followed by the flea market at Zouk. I can already tell it's going to be a good day ahead.

Friday, February 8, 2008

CNY Holiday!

Today's the 2nd day of the year of the Mickey and boy, it does feel good to be able to wake up at 9am on a Friday morning and be able to pen this post. Last night we were at 2nd Uncle's house and by 11pm, I think my body started to shut down and I was longing to get home to my comfy bed. Thanks to sis to agreed to send me back home and then go back to continue in the revelry with the cousins. After I got home and brushed my teeth, laid on my bed and I think I was flat out in 5 minutes because the next thing i remembered is tossing in my bed at 8am. Guess I have been too drained the entire year and in perpetual sleep deficit that does not allow my body to stay up too late..oh well...maybe it's a sign I'm getting older?

Will be doing some work after I finish this post, and then it's off for the usual dim sum lunch with the extended family followed by a movie at Orchard. I'm really looking forward to going out this aftenoon as many kids will be coming to my place and boy, they are I definitely have to get out. Fortunately, I'm hanging out with a friend whose company I always enjoy and of late, we've been laughing a lot and I'm reminded of how important laughter is to lifting our spirits and I do hope we have more good times together...

For's back to work first.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Holiday mood!

Although today's the usual Monday which signifies the start of another work week, it feels pretty good because I've already started the countdown to the CNY holiday. I mean, tecnically the holidays start on Wed but I've already made plans to have some pre celebration on Tues. Tomorrow after work, it's off to Funan for some shopping of IT stuff and then dinner at Mt. Emily Hill..Can't wait for it to happen. Good food, good company and a good holiday..what more can I ask for?

On sunday, woke up early to go to market with mum to get some new year stuff. It was very crowded and parking was tough..guess everyone is desperately trying to stock up on food over the CNY period. Managed to get some hot soya bean drink which I was only more than glad to bring home and sip while reading the Sunday Times. I was reminded how much I love that feeling of having hot soya bean in the early morning..and I must confess that there's something magical in that drink that perks me up, lightens my spirits and makes me feel so much better after a sip or two. And better than any coffee in the world.. If only every Sunday could be like that..

I shall sign off on a happy note today..Work never clear something...there's always something else. But for tonight at least, I'm not going to think of any work..tomorrow will take care of itself..

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Time for Plan E?

I'm really glad to be able to get the opportunity to pen this post in the comfort of my bedroom on a Saturday night before a really short week that lies ahead. I mean, I've waited for this weekend for the longest while since the start of the year; and I'm finally here tonight doing this.

It's been five weeks into the year and although each week passes so fast, it really doesn't feel like only 5 weeks; it feels like 5 months already as I'm so tired each day and sometimes I wonder where I'm going to get the energy to continue running this race. I term my job as a race because I've noticed that each day as I get to the office, within 5 minutes I'm running around just to settle things, look for people, photocopy stuff, etc. And the best part is that the craze just doesn't seem to end.

I spoke to BH today about seriously thinking about Plan B and he suggested Plan E - escape. I think it pretty sums up very much how I really feel deep down inside me as 2008 is just becoming more and more unbearable. 5 years ago I was happy with the job, then it shifted to being contented, to cruising through and now it's just escapism. Maybe it's really time to go?

On a lighter note, I look forward to waking up late tomorrow (FINALLY!!) and sip my cool drink while reading the Sunday Times. I think it's a real luxury to just read the papers, feel the fresh crisp wafer thin papers with each page you flip; and I'm counting down to then...

2 day week looms. Will start painting the town red on tuesday afternoon in the spirit of all the festivity while awaiting the pomp to usher the year of the mickey.