Saturday, March 31, 2012

Go Team!

Darr asked me yesterday to help make some cards / tags for his kids who were going for competition soon.   He's really so sweet and passionate for them.  He was actually thinking of buying a card for them but decided to ask me to help him and he would pay for the materials.

As you know, I love any reason to craft, whether i am getting paid or not for my efforts.  If someone can cover the cost of the materials, I don't mind helping out, especially for a friend like him who has been nothing but kind to me. He gives me lifts frequently and always watches out for me.  Am blessed to have a friend like him.

Thankfully I had a chance to pop by the LSS yesterday and managed to chance until these Jillibean Soup papers.  Bought only 3 sheets and mixed them with Echo Park Charming..

Thank you Justina for these lovely PTI Tags.  They're so pretty and I can't wait to cut more tags.  Used versa mark vintage sepia ink.  Still the most crips and sharp ink in the market today.  Nothing comes close :)

And here's all 4 of them.  Actually there are 6 but I couldn't fit all on my typewriter to snap this photo.  And yes, I bought a typewriter yesterday.  H agreed to buy one for me for my birthday present this year and partner in crime went with me yesterday to pick it up.  So kind of her to drive me all the way down.  For her efforts, I'm going to Clementi Mall on Monday to get her a smash tape!

Let me digress - here's my new baby:

And where it sits in relation to all my other stuff.

Long story but this baby will not be with me for long.  I'm going to exchange it cos I've spied another one which I believe is better.  Let's save that for another entry ok?

Have a smashing weekend! 

Will be back soon on my first smash journal entry!

More Echo Park Charming....

My partner in crime was not able to complete the 15th book due to work commitments so I undertook it.  Decided to use one of my current favs - Echo Park Charming and it's also one of those few lines that I have bought enough to make a decent book! :)

Here are the pics!

Final book:  I took the liberty to write a love message from the bride to the groom on the last page for this book.  Just a sudden idea I had and I thought it would be quite sweet when he sees it.  To be fair, i went back to one of my previous books and did the same for her.  I think it will be a nice surprise.

Daniel came by on Monday to pick up the books.  I carried all of them in a box to go down and meet him at the lift and as I was going heart felt more heavy than the total weight of the books on my hands.  Turned a bit cold, some shivers down my spine..all the in span of 2 mins.  Not sure why I felt this way but it was kind of sad to part them all of them..given I've spent the last month of my life working on them.  Felt like a part of me was gone :(

But all good things come to an end some day.  These books were commissed work and were never mine to begin with.  I just grew (too) attached to them, especially how I frequent look through each book to ensure that each embellishment was in place, every little detail was down to a T...

Anyway, congrats to Dan and Yvonne!  Have a smashing wedding ceremony next weekend!

Giveaway Winner!

Congratuations Ai Yen!

You're the winner of my notebook!

Will be in touch with you soon.

Thanks to one and all for participating in my giveaway!  Hope to have one more next month or by May!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday morning..

Did some tags over the weekend to destress and I also wanted to try using up more of my stash!  The house will be undergoing renovation in October so I think by June will will have to start packing into boxes the stuff we seldom use.  I'm trying to cut down my scrapping purchase (but also failing equally as badly).  I forsee myself lugging my paper stash and some tools over to my mum's house where we will be staying temporarily.

Also, I've been dying to use my washi (which reminds me..i have to bring them along!) tape and I think making some banners are cool!!

Here they are!

And all 4 of them beautifully lined up!

One issue I constantly have is what to do with the stuff I make.  I have an issue with clutter and having too many things around the house. It kind of pisses me off...If u have any ideas (besides givng them away) on what I can do with the stuff I make, pls leave a comment! Or pls share how u keep the stuff you make!  If you're lucky, I may pick u to receive the above tags cos as of now, i still have no idea what to do with them!!

Have a smashing Sunday!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I think it's time to do a giveaway for one fortunate lady who reads my blog!! :)

Been some time since I last did one so here it is..

I did this notebook some time back and would like to give it away.  Just a simple way of thanking you for dropping by my blog - even when I don't come by often enough.

This giveaway is open only for postage within Singapore.  If however, you're from overseas and would not mind paying postage, I'd love to include you in the draw.  Sorry but postage overseas for a notebook like this will be too hefty for me.  Hope you understand.

Giveaway closes 30th March leave a comment telling me what your favourite stamp set or ink is..I'm so into that now!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Seven and Eight

Friday morning - I managed to finish doing my 7th and 8th book. Pangs of nostalgia hit me as I was pretty sad that this project had finally come to a close. Sobs.   I miss doing these books. I miss having a reason to scrap. I miss not feeling guilty buying paper. I miss spending time each evening at my scrap table, even if it's like half an hour. I miss everything about doing these books.

Truth is, for me, i need a reason to scrap. And when I have commissioned work and projects at hand, I function the best.  If left to my own devices, i take my own sweet time, my photos pile up..etc.  And best part is - I think I scrap best without any photos to put in.  Really. :)

So, there u have it..the seventh and eighth book...Featuring MME's Miss Caroline.  Such a lovely and beautiful line



To Daniel & Yvonne: Even though I don't know u peronally, thanks for this chance to be part of your wedding and a life time of memories.  Thanks for giving me freedom and leeway to design each book as I liked without any restrictions.. Hope your big day will be a memorable and eventful one...

And to everyone else: Thanks for dropping by...


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Echo Park Charming

I've been on a spending money roll these days!  *LOL*!!!  My sister was quite surprised that I was so willing to spend last thursday when I went to the LSS with her.  I've been quite restrained these few months and truth be told - I think I surprise myself even.

Perhaps part of that impetus to spend is due to the wedding books I've been creating lately.  People always say that you don't need a reason to scrap but for me, I guess having a reason to do so works for me.  At least I know why I am creating something!

Fell in love with the Echo Park Charming line last thursday. I think this line has been out for a while and I wonder how it escaped my eye until now.  Couldn't stop buying and choosing piece after piece until I was satisfied!

And thus I present to you.. my sixth book..

Here's the final book:

My first thought after finishing this book was that it's so not in sync with a wedding theme!  But since the lovely couple have agreed to let me have liberty in designing and are also ok without everybook having a wedding theme, I think I went all out to do just what I like.  This book is so so so me.  At least where I am as a scrapper today.  My style has changed so much since i started in 2009 but this, right now, right here, is ME.

Thanks for dropping by on this lazy weekend.  Next week will be a good week for me. I'm hoping it'll be for u as well.