Tuesday, September 28, 2010


On a roll these 2 days and made more of these lovely toppers!

Another class will get the privilege of receiving these sweet lollies! WOO!!  Sounds like my students are graduating but they're not!  I don't have graduating classes this year (WEEEE....) but honestly, these would be so appropriate if they are.  Next year! Next year I'll whip out something else..I have one year to think about it!

Since I was so inspired by these lovelies, I decided to try another tag line instead of 'follow your dream' and these will go to students who will do well in the upcoming exam.  Just a little encouragement to them!

Side note: I'm thinking of making more of these for sale and will be able to do tags with 'happy birthday', 'many thanks', etc so that it's more applicable to our daily lives and for us to give away.  I will post photos by this weekend once I get my hands on some new stamps to start work!

If you want something more elaborate (think crystals, 3D flowers, mini pom poms etc), I'd be happy to custom make it for you (price would vary though!)

I am so going to make some and keep at the office so each time I hear it's someone's birthday or I need to convey my gratitude to a colleague, I can whip out one of these lollies!  Yeah!  Don't you think it's a lovely idea?

Each of these will go for 80 cents (minimum order of 10 pieces please) so please email me if you're interested....or leave me a comment!

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Follow your Dreams!

Something for a particular class I've taught this whole year. I've enjoyed all the times I spent with them, in SS & CME class. They're such a lively and fun bunch to interact with and yet can be very serious when the situation calls for it.  All students should be like them!  I hope this little token from me will motivate them to study for the EOY exams (not that they won't. They're really good at their studies!) but I think they need that extra boost for SS.  All the way, 3B!

We are One!!

Awesome start to the countdown of our 1st year together with this Lana Cake. It's still about the only Chocolate cake I eat today. All others pale in comparison:

 Lunch at a humble French Rest at Serene Centre..it's one of our all time favourite places for dining.  And I always always eat this Duck Confit when I go there. H thinks I'm boring..but oh well......

Fantastic Lunch today at Dozo, planned by H to celebrate the ocassion...This cake was on the house when they found out it was our anniversary.  The food there was awesome too!!

I'll let the pictures do the talking:

As I look back on this year, I'm thankful that we've spent 365 days living together and putting up with each other's nonsense.
I've endured every weekend of having an alarm that rings incessantly every 10 mins while I'm trying to sleep and get jolted each time it buzzes but the sloth next to me can sleep through it.  On my precious Sat and Sun. This is a crime! Recently, after I issued an ultimatium, he now jumps up each time to turn it off before I unleash my wrath on him. 

*Mission accomplished*

And having to switch off every single applicance in the house before we leave to go out.  Yes, there will be a short curcuit if we leave it on. That's what I'm made to believe (but I'm still not buying it!!)

And when someone comes home, he turns on all the lights, walks off and leaves the lights on. ALL THE TIME. The room light is on and so is the water heater and toilet light but our friend is in the living room.  Guess who has to go turn them off???

And then there were instances where we had cockroaches and lizards that found their way into our humble abode.  They should have known better before they decided to make our house their dwelling place.  H will scream, I come running with my arsenal of insceticide and slipper and send it to meet its maker.  Yes, in this house, I kill the insects.  Heeee.....

But..but ....but..
In this year,

I've had someone who willingly does the dishes after I cook and boy, that guy sure can wash dishes. He scrubs, he cleans every stain and grime on the pots and pans.  I'm happy letting him do it.  And did I mention that he cleans the floor too??

And then on Thurs, which is our 'hand wash clothes' day, sometimes I get home late and VIOLA!  It's all done and left to drip dry in the shower before we hang it out.  It is an awesome feeling to come home and not have to do laundry.  He's more meticulous than me too..taking each piece and scrubbing it clean. Kudos to my mum in law for passing on her merticulous genes to him!

Happy 1st Anniversary, H...and let's have many many more years together!

P.S: I have to mention that despite our differences, this whole year, we've not quarrelled at all..WOO...no fights..some unhappiness but it always gets resolved when one of us gives in. Now, that's marriage for you.

Monday, September 13, 2010


A big thank you to one and all for your support of our embellishments!  Big thanks to Huayi, the first one to chope a set and Pooi for her interest too.  We couldn't have done it without you!

Justina has updated our shop blog so please drop by for price details and how to place an order.

I hope to be back soon with more updates!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

More 'bellies & More lovin'!!

Went to Justina's place to get more stuff from her and *grasp*, she wowed me again with these: They are really so cute...i can't stop staring at them!

Ok, this cutie set of animals go for $3.80 which is a real steal!! 

I was inspired by her and decided to make some of my own with the few fabrics I have..woo..this is so cool and fun!  I'm now dying to get hold of some more fabrics to make more!!

I also stumbled upon this at a shop and decided to buy it for my next layout!

 Thanks for dropping by...leave a comment to let Justina and me know what you think of her cute fabric badges...Give us some love!! :)


Friday, September 10, 2010

School Time! - Cute 'bellies!

Got my hands on these cuties stamps 2 nights ago and sprung into action after Jus' gave me some fabric badges today (must keep up with her man!) to create these cute School Time cuties that you can use.  I painstaking stamped all the images here and cut them out!
Also threw in 2 copies of one of my favourite verses and 4 lovely clouds that you can use for your layouts.  All the stuff here can make 2-3 layouts and were perfect for documenting your little one's school experience.
A pity I can't make a layout with them cos little Kate hasn't started school  yet!!

Photo Time:

Little apples - green, red and pink!
 Say you love this!! They'll make awesome tags!

This is the best - 2 tages and 4 cuttie pencils! Gosh...Pencils never looked this good!

Full Shot of all the goodies in this pack!
All these will go for $5 so do email me at joannavlee@hotmail.com or emailthepaperie@gmail.com to place an order!

Thanks in advance for your support!

Look at these! How awesome!!

 I am so in awe of these little fabric badges that I came my way today!  My wonderful, supermum cum business partner, Justina dropped these off today when she came to see me and I was floored when I opened the package!  You have to agree with me that they rock big time!!! WHOO!!!

And there's more..smaller ones! Gosh...'uber cute to the max!  Here's a shot of all 5 of them!

They are just so cute..I had to ask her to make more!  And yes, these are going on sale soon!  I'll let Justina fill you in on the price details but do buy them from her if you really like it..cos they're just too nice to not have it in your stash!!

More details soon on our blog http://the-paperie.blogspot.com and Justina's blog http://makingmum.blogspot.com!