Monday, February 27, 2012

I should really...

do this more often right?  Coming back to my blog within 3 last of my last posting!  hahha :) I think this is so rare!

Over the weekend, I managed to create 3 more books out of my pathetic stash.  I am so low on paper my current stash consists of scraps, some remnant paper and only some decent paper from OA and MME.  Getting a bit too few for my liking but in some ways I like it cos there's a silent glee in me each time I see my 1.5 inch paper stack.  Silent joy. *dance in my heart*  At my peak I had 2 containers full of paper.  Now I'm just down to 1/3 of my paper container. 

Without futher ado...Here's my albums for this week:

Third Book: Featuring Ever After by Cosmo Cricket.  Yes I know..super ancient collection :)

Fourth Book:  Little Black Dress by Basic Grey

 Fifth Book:  Songbird collection by Prima.  Super like this collection and honestly, I'm not too sure I did justice to the papers and embellishments!

Kind of a little sad actually that I'm already at my 5th book.  Only 3 more to do..Sobs. I do wish I had another 10-15 more to go cos I still feel I've not really started my mojo and my best is yet to come!! :)  Will put in more thought and effort to the last 3 to go out with a bang! 

I hope to be back by next Monday with some more books to share.  Hopefully the LSS brings in some nice collection this Thurs and I can get to craft this weekend.

I really am happiest when I craft.  Really.

Thanks for dropping by!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Some crafting madness going on..

Got an offer this week to do some wedding guest books for a wedding in April - quite similar to the ones I did for my colleague David.  Was really excited to get started and also to use up my paper stash.  I figured that any reason to craft is a good reason to push me to use up my stash.  At times, just scrapping about my personal life and for friends is a little mundane so this offer was most welcome! 

Here's a preview of 2 books I've made -

Book 1:  Using My Minds' Eye Lastest Collection:

 Don't you love the hand sewn heart?  More details on that below

 Here's how the book looks like:  I've not bound it yet..waiting for all books to be ready before I do the binding all together!

Book 1:  Also Using My Minds' Eye Lastest Collection (But can't remember the name of this collection):

A little mix of some 7 Gypsy stickers.  I'm so glad I bought one set of wedding stickers in hope I will need it someday and phew!  How handy it is to have it on hand..

 Love the Tim Holtz brass keys although they cost me a big bomb!  Fortunately they were on 40% off previously and I convinced myself it was a good buy!

 I'm so in love with these camera charms that I use them on almost all my projects these days.  I bought like 24 of them and they are running out real fast!  Love the cloud brad from the lastest Dear Lizzy line..


And here's the whole book..tada...(love love love the ruler washi tape.. Thank u Dorcas for buying them for me!!! Muacks!)

If you're with me so far, I mentioned earlier that I was going to give more details on that hand sewn heart.  I was inspired by Sasha Farina who shared this on her blog.  I smsed her and asked her for some tips and she's such a lovely lady who willingly shared how she did it.  I also tried to do this earlier this morning:

 As you can see:  There is one hole I punched wrongly! hahaha.  I'm still thinking of to cover it up (if it's even possible to do so)... hmmm..

Here's the full tag - am quite happy with the results - given it's my first time but I hope to improve my precision and sewing technique.  I do love sewing heaps so I just need to practice more.  Super therapeutic.  Only one more regret - Should have put a washi tape below the word 'today' so that it won't look so plain.

  I hope to be back soon with more projects to share.  I'm making a trip to the LSS later after lunch and hope to snag more paper to do my wedding books.  My patterned paper stash is so pathetic now and I can't even scour enough to make one more book. hahahah.  I'm a victim of my own (too) successful destashing. :)

Thanks for dropping by and reading thus far.
Have a blessed week!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Saying goodbye

Every year I try to make something for my graduating students and this year is not exception.  I start really early cos there is no way I can churn out 120++ items for each one if I start late.  Holidays are perfect to get my mojo going and I finished doing them just last week.

This is for the boys...

and girls..

And those in my form class for the past 2 years - They deserve a little something more so I made each one a pocket.

And here are my favourites of the lot....

Apologies for the dark photos.  Note to self:  6pm is really not a good time to take photos.. :)

It's tuesday tmrw..soon the weekend will be upon us again! Whoo!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's about time

I update this blog again yeah?  :) Been too long but I thank you for constantly dropping by - even when I myself don't come in that often.  And my regular blog readers know the main reason why already :)

Valentine's in around the corner and for the first time in my crafting journey, I"ve decided to do some tags for my colleagues.  I need to use up my stash and get some therapy so it all works out fine!

Love this photo.  Sharp in the front and blur at the background.  I think my photography skills are getting better.  I no longer need H to help me snap pics!

All 8 tags together...hopefully they're not too sweet (not very me!)

Are you doing anything for Valentine's Day? Leave me a comment to visit your blog if you are. Would love to drop by..and as always, thanks for coming over to my humble abode!