Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One of those few work days

Hey everyone! It's tues and I'm here on the blogosphere posting a recent layout!  I'm so happy that today after I got off work at 5pm, met H for dinner and came home + totally refused to do any thing related to work.  I have a pile of test papers waiting to be marked but I think it can wait so what the heck!  Time to scrap!

I'm starting to realise that work CAN wait and I don't always have to do everything immediately or asap.  Whatever can wait, I will wait.  If it's urgent, I'll do it.  If it's important but not urgent, I'll wait. hee :)

Ok, enough talking.  Here's something for Z's mum in law.  He smsed me on Sunday asking if I can do an album for his son to put photos in for grandma on her birthday.  I was quite happy to do it cos u know, this hobby keeps me sane!!


 Papers: Websters (life's portrait & Lalluby Lane)
Flowers & Crystals: Prima & From Leena
Lettering: Maya Road

Next up!  Dear Lizzy..I think I blogged about trying to use up those paper but guess what?  I still have left overs after doing this layout.  I was rather happy doing this piece because somehow throughout the time I was doing it, I realised I like layouts simple, chic and with a tinge of sweet. Yeah. I think I've finally found my style.  Yippeee!

Sincere apologies that the photos are not very nice.  I'm really  not very good at taking photos. It's usually H who does it for me but today he's so busy I felt bad to trouble him so I did it myself.  I need to improve!! :) 

Side note: I'm keeping to my resolution of updating my blog more often. Yeah!!  I'm getting there!

Have a good week everyone!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Better late than never - Dear Lizzy!

First of all, I must confess I'm a dear lizzy nut! I bought so much paper from this line than I've ever done for any other line so when I thought of doing an album to capture snapshots of my life at 30 (before I hit 31), what other line of paper is more perfect?

And another confession: I wanted to use up all the paper I had but I still have like 6 sheets ( my gosh! How how? The new line is coming out..better finish it soon!) left so you will be seeing a lot more of Dear Lizzy from me these few days.

Enough of the talking: Picture time!!

Album Cover:

Me, Hubby and Kate. We love her so much...and if yon know her, it's so rare that she actually smiles properly like this which explains why I love this photo of her (and will be using more of it to come!)

Another significant event of the year: Steven getting married. Gosh, I knew him when I was like 19 and he's 34 (ahem! Old liao!) so you can imagine how long it's taken him to get to the altar but we're happy for him. I won't miss this wedding for the world. Pity he's not in the picture with us, this is Mike, Beeks and me camwhoring after the church ceremony.

Side note: Since when was Mike taller than Beeks?? For the record, she's taller than me (and him!!)

A page dedicated to me, myself and I, on top of the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai. Hands freezing from the cold, scared to death to step on the glass panel lingering 300m above ground but David persuaded me to stept out for that perfect picture and snapped this with his nokia phone. I can't believe it turned out so nice cos you can actually see I'm sitting on a glass panel!

Last page: Leena and me. For the unacquainted, she is THE scrapper to watch and I think her work is getting more and more awesome. Today she sits on the DT of Hambly, Pink Paislee, Prima (I AM SO JEALOUS! She gets boxes of Prima flowers sent to her!!) and ya, I think it's a great honour to have met her at Lia's calender class last year so this picture has to be part of my 30th album!

Wow..is this the end? Yes it is! Thank for dropping by and for my next entry, I'll be uploading a dear lizzy Layout. hopefully that'll be the end of all those paper! :)


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ya hooooO!!

Ok, don't ask me why I thought of this title but that word keeps ringing my mind the whole day!

Some updates on what's been going on:

Jus and me, long time ex colleagues, great friends and scrapping pals have decided to start a blog shop! Whoo! We spoke of this last month and I was like really excited about the idea. She's really talented and has won numerous challenges (probably more than me!!) and she only started scrapping a few months back! So, yeah, we have our little humble shop in cyberspace and we're making embellishments for sale. Do support us if you like the stuff you see and we're keeping our prices really low and reasonable so they don't hurt your pocket! Also, if there's anything you'd like us to do, feel free to email us!

Sneak Peak:

For the full set of 'bellies, do visit us at http://the-paperie.blogspot.com

Workwise: Same same, different day..I'm still hanging in there and hope this little shop takes off then I can spend more time on it and less on teaching! :) For now, it's just endurance till National Day!

Have a great Saturday and if you can, please help me spread the word on our little shop, we'll be most grateful!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fun embellishments!

I had some inspiration yesterday to make these gummies so I sprang to work this morning since I had a day off work!

Here's what I did..some cute and fun 'bellies!

Eeee ha!! I had so much fun making them today..I love the pinkalicious one!! Which is your favourite?

Side note: I'm thinking selling these yummies some time later but you're interested in buying them or know someone who is, email me at joannavlee@hotmail.com yeah? Price will be about $4.50 for 9 pieces.

Thanks in advance for your support!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oh, what a saturday!

You know you're in trouble when:

The heavens open at 4am and awake u at 5am and by 7am when u finally drag yourself out of bed, IT is still raining.

Then you get your hubby to drive you to work for the BIG day and when he's about to turn into Crescent Road and all u see is this:

Quah quah quah...

So, being a typical Singapore, you quickly divert and go straight (although the silly car behind you went ahead into the Lion's Den. Not very smart, I say), thinking that you can do a right turn to avoid Crescent Road and get to Tg. Katong Road. And Tg. Katong Road looked like this:

My Gosh. The police were there and so were the ambulance, together with tons of rubbish strewn over the road. Thankfully, I had enough common sense to know that I should brave the flood on foot rather than put H and the car through this so at the traffic light, I booted out and decided to travel on foot to school.

Along the way, I saw:

Poor Family. My heart goes out to them. No one should wake up to this sight, much less on a Saturday morning.

And along Swanage Road:


Another poor house in the water but it didn't look occupied at all so maybe the inhabitants didn't have to go through hell clearing up the mess:

And this is me walking through the water, umbrella in one hand, camera in another to bring these pictures to you.

And, finally, the sight when I reached school:

What a way to start the bazaar!!

Side note:
Photos I didn't manage to capture:

  • The lake that overflowed although I did get to see it with my own eyes. Yes, the CCHMS lake can actually overflow.

  • 2 fallen trees in school ( I thought these only happened along the PIE & CTE & never in CCHMS!)

  • The flooded Grand Audi. (It has parquet flooring! :)

And so, instead of Bazaar by the Lake, we got a taste of Bazaar IN the Lake. :)

Sorry, was very busy the whole day and had no chance to snap any pics!

Hope u had a better Saturday than i did!