Saturday, August 9, 2008

Long Weekend..and enjoying it!

The long weekend started yesterday with the opening of the Beijing Olympics and right here in Sunny Singapore, I was busy with work in the morning and then headed off to town for a movie and some serious watch shopping in the afternoon. Tried to cash in on the discounts offered by some department stores to get a discount on 2 watches I've been eyeing but one of the models was out of stock. The SO was very patient and went to other stores with me to try to get the 2nd piece but to no avail.

So, today I decided to try my luck and go down to another outlet and viola! It was available at a discounted price and I was very happy to pay for it and finally get to own my 2nd Fossil Time piece. I'm a believer that one should pay for good quality watches and after years of owning expensive and cheapo $15 watches, I've decided that the former is better choice. The quality is there, it never runs out of style, the battery life is endless (my 1st Fossil is 3 years old and the battery is still going strong!) and of course, the design is really great.

Currently I have 6 watches to my collection - 2 DKNY pieces, 2 Fossil, 1 Swatch, 1 Precious Moment (I know, I know, who buys Precious Moments watches right? I didn't - It was a gift and a very nice one in fact!)

I have 2 more to add to my collection - 1 for sports / outdoor activities (can't be wearing my leather strap watches right?) and a Gold one for dinners / functions to match my outfit. These will come later I guess cos I have no urgent need for them and obviously, I need to save more money after spending like $400+ this weekend.

On a curious note, it's now 5:20pm as I sit in my room to blog this entry and the National Day Parade pre segment starts at 5:45pm. I'm curious because the skies are really dark and a heavy downpour looms (i can hear some thunder in the background too). From what I remember, it has NEVER rained on National Day except in 1966 where PM Lee was a Catholic High standing in the rain with his whole band. I always figured that the government does cloud seeding each year cos it's terrible for it to rain can the parade go on? So, I'm really amazed by this year's poor weather ( is it a sudden storm from neighbouring countries?)..I will be tuning in on Channel 5 soon to see what happens.

Gonna be interesting. Poor weather man and parade commander. Must be very stressed now..heee.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

On a Break

Down with a nasty sore throat for the longest time but found the opportunity to take a break off work this week and went to see the doctor. Was expecting him to give me a day off but when he saw that I was a teacher (on my card!) he gave me 2 days and said that teachers need to take care of their voice. So that probably explains his kindness in giving me 2 days off. And boy, I'm savouring every moment of it.

Did laundry today by myself and though it was tiring, at least I'm glad I have the time to do it instead of mum always helping me to do my share on Saturday morning when I've to go back to school for one reason or another. I'm very tired of burning saturdays and sundays for work. At least there is an end to the year. I can see it coming.

Today's programme - off in the afternoon for an important mission (to sign my life away!) and then sis is going to pick me after she finishes work and I have to help her look for a white skirt in lieu of National Day. Then it's off in the evening to spend time with the SO since tomorrow is a half day and there's not much work this period of time.

More work looms when Common Test approaches but for now, I'm celebrating the Singapore Spirit this long weekend and of course, my extra 2 day break!


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Some rest

For once this week I'm finally able to get some rest. Spent yesterday in school for CCA till evening and was quite tired but am glad that I can get to relax and chill on this sabbath day.

Also managed to do a little bit of preparation for next week's classes (something I've not been able to do in a long while) and I feel more prepared for class already. Sometimes I feel I shortchange my students because I don't have time to read my content before hand and just smoke through because I have absolutely no time to do so with other admin and additional duties piling up on me. It actually does feel pretty good to be prepared for class now that I think about it.

Counting down to the National day weekend..and anticipating some good sale (20% storewide!) so I can get some stuff I've been eyeing..time for me to spend my hard earned money!