Monday, November 3, 2008

Behind Time..

Been very back dated with posting. Laziness creeps in at times I guess and blogging really isn't the first thing on my mind.

Updates - Holidays are here. I've been procrastinating for quite a bit and finally got down to some work today. Will keep working for the rest of the week to settle more stuff so that I can really enjoy the holidays. Tied up with other work stuff towards the end of the week so it's really going to be an eventful week.

Other notes - I think I need to control my spending a little more. I realise money leaves my wallet very easily and I don't seem to have a tight reign on it. I don't wish to turn into some penny pinching auntie but I guess I have to strike a balance between frivolous spending and occasional indulgence. God help me please!

Still enjoying the holidays for now. I'm loving it. Life should be this good. Always.