Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hong Kong Album

The only project this whole holidays is my Hong Kong album.  We had so much fun each day exploring good food and shopping that I decided on the 2nd day of the trip that I had to do this album to remember all the yummy food we had there..

The other aim of this album was to use up as much of my stash as possible and I finally broke into my OA stash that I've been hoarding for 2 years. It's most delightful to see my OA paper stack shrink to a meagre few scraps. Most liberating as well. 

For the cover I used  turqouise corrugated paper I got from Daiso for a whole roll..time to put it to good use..and a mish mash of Hambly, Jenni Bowlin and other stuff...

Inside Pages:Inspired a lot by Laura who's so talented in making pockets..
And I've also learnt that your photos really look better when u matt them with brown paper. Someone dark chocolate brown is the perfect colour. I had to rush to PM to get 7 pieces as I ran out of choc paper very quickly.

BLT - The best burger joint in HK!

And quaint Mido Cafe that everyone raves about. I like. 

Thanks for looking! And have a good weekend as always!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I have to stop..

apologising each time  I neglect this little blog of mine!

Some days I'm on a roll but on other days, I decide I have other things to do besides blogging!  Well, I realised that my lack of posts is usually cos I don't have photos to show and that's cos I am really bad at photography and I feel bad making H take photos for me especially since he's so busy!

After I got back from the fabulous land of Hong Kong, I had a slight meltdown of the clutter and mess in my house. I'm not a neat freak by nature, I do have a high tolerance for mess but seeing the colossal amount of clothes, shoes and bags I have, in addition to 2 suitcases of new stuff I bought from HK, I lost it. Really did.  Took out a trash bag and started ruthlessly throwing clothes into the bag. Esp stuff I hardly wore even though they have been there for ages. I tell myself that day will never come where I would want to wear these items again. If I've not worn them for the past 2 years, I am deluding myself by thinking I'll wear them in the next 2 years. So, off they went into the bag.  And I offered them to my part time helper on Saturday who took most of them for her cousin.  I feel so much happier.

And then I went to my scrap space. GOOD GOSH. That in itself spells another place of trouble and big time meltdown.  I got to throwing paper scraps after paper bits into the bin.  I can't believe I still have scraps from 2 years ago. Ridiculous me.  I won't say I did a lot of destashing but I finally used up my precious October Afternoon stash I've been hoarding since last year to make an album. And honestly, the feeling of using up your stash is way better than buying stuff. It's like you've accomplished much more.  I also did think of giving away stuff but was not sure if anyone would like half  or 3/4 used stuff like Thickers and stickers and glitter. So I'm not sure what to do.  Was pondering if I should be like Piradee and give away grab bags and just make sure people know these stuff are not completely new but would be happy to have them nonetheless.

So yeah, if you think I should put together some grab bags or if you'll be interested in having one, please leave me a comment. If there are enough takers, I'll get down to it.  And throw in some totally new stuff along the way, of course.

Have a good week. I hope to be be back soon with the lastest album I did for my Hong Kong trip!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

We gathered on Wed for dad and mum's 37th Anniversary. That number in itself is a mouthfull!   37!  I've not even made it past year 2!

 Me and Precious, who by the way is a cheater bug in the making. I tell her I'll race her to the toilet at the count of 3 and by number 2, she's already running. No prizes for guessing who won the race.

Jean and me with both lovelies. Getting bigger and fatter each time we see them!

The whole Lee Family + one Tan...think the photo is blur!

 Mum and me + Beth with that silly scowl. 
 Photo of the day..engineered by H.
That's me trying to balance 2 of them on each hand. That is a total of 20 kg I think!  2 bags of rice. 

I head off to HK tomorrow..will try to upload some scrappy photos tonight!