Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekend crafting!!

See what I mean when I say I'll be back soon??

I so wanna change my habit of only being a weekend blogger but last week I know I was a little absent on the blog scene as it was a crazy week I tell you! Post exam activities included teaching and preparing report books, meeting parents, etc. One big mess but I survived!!! YIPPEEEE. I think all of us 'chers deserve a pat on our backs for making it through the year!!

Made this notebook & card for a dear friend whom I'm indebted to in so many ways, for giving me so much advice and helping me through sticky situations. Shall not review who she is now but she will find out soon. I have a feeling she reads my blog!

And yes! Today Van celebrates her 30+ birthday and I was thinking of what to make for her..I'd already given her a notebook last year and yesterday I thought of doing a notepad holder so here it is - made with dear lizzy goodness. Later I'll go get some post it pads and put them inside...just a simple gift for her this year..hope she likes it.

Last of all, a group shot of some cards together with Van's of those cards will go to a dear colleague who has volunteered to take my place at some YOG crap and for that, I am immensely grateful and indebted to her for being the sacrificial lamb that must go to the slaughter house (burn one whole weekend at the YOG village in Aug is not fun at all!!!)

And, I think I should make her a notebook too..for being so nice to take my place so I can have my precious weekend free in Aug. Christine, you're a great friend!!

Have a good good weekend..I'll be heading to arab street, far east, bugis and chinatown later! WOO!!


Sew Fun!

Ok, so I got back my sewing machine from my mum's place last week and decided to use it cos my hands were itching to get down to some decent sewing. I had laid off it for a while till Jean asked me to sew a layout for her and so here's a shot of me sewing a page of my lastest Dear Lizzy album. Most unfortunately, I left the album at work after bringing it for Huayi to take a look but I'll get it back on Tues and get H to take photos!

Will be back very soon with more pictures from this weekend's crafting spree. Not doing any real work this weekend..I'm just going to scrap!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Who's more scared of who?

For those of you who know, H is terribly afraid of Kate and vice versa. I always tell him that she can sense he's apprehensive when he's around her and it rubs off on her! She looks at him and waves when we ask her to but that's about it. At times, she gives him a good bye kiss and hug on our cue but you really should see these 2 in action. They try to stay as far away from each other as possible when they meet. So here's a rare shot of the 2 of them at dinner and can u sense the tension? It's hilarious!

I'm off to the beach tomorrow with the kids, praying for good weather and I'm sure God will provide. Today's debrief went well and I thank God for giving me confidence even though I couldn't sleep the night before. Yes, I was that afraid. But praise God it's over!

Have a good week!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend happenings!

Hey! I'm back..woo...this is the first step of me on the road to repentance to update my blog more regularly!

I'm on a pink and turquoise roll and this weekend I bought some ribbons to try to make flowers. Sneak peak to where the money went this week:

I finally found cheaper options of micro beads and I'm looking forward to using them. I first saw them when Martha Stewart made them but you gotta buy like a whole pack of 12 at $48. *Cough*. Thus, when I saw these cheaper options, I jumped at the chance to grab 2 of the nicest colours. May go back for more if I really like the effect they give.

And then...I made these 2 flowers juxtaposed with music notes paper from Dear Lizzy for this photo...oooooooooooooohhhh..... They go so well together!
Monday is coming and I hope everyone has a great week ahead! I'll pop by soon with more goodies to share!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back in scrap heaven!

I'm back!! Finished the crazy marking today and got down to work on this layout. I'm been craving my scrap therapy after a whole week of not touching my supplies. It's sheer torture but I'm so glad I'm back where I belong - in scrap heaven! Thanks for still reading my blog and not giving up on me since I'm such a weekend blogger. I'm going to make an effort to blog more and I will!!

Sneaks of today's work:

Now for the full layout:

I had so much fun doing this, especially with the dolly flower and mini banner. Yes, this is my first banner and I'm loving it!

Will be back soon with a hand made flower!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Box of Love!

Started on this project on Sunday afternoon and I'm almost done with it! It's something very different from the usual things I do and I really like the fact that I'm venturing out to do more altered art.

My favourite shot: (thanks to H!) He's been using my projects to improve his photography skills and I'm more than happy to stand back and let him do it!

This is how it looks like from the outside (sorry a bit plain, going to dress it up a little more with some pearls):

The box opens up to:

You can fold both of them up, stack them together, put on the lid and you've got the box back!

Thanks for dropping by..I'm working on being less of a weekend blogger but this fri my marking comes in so you can expect me to disappear for another week!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

House of Love!

Decided to do a mini album this week about building a house of love and where else to turn to but Maya Road Chipboards! Decided that a yellow background would be nice and some background script courtesy of the good people at Laines who bring in such nice Japanese stamps at even nicer prices. Paired it up with Bella Blvd's Honey I'm home series to bring it to completion. Pictures -

And finally, a mini notice board for myself to paste notes on..half the time I'm sticking post it notes all over my wall to remind myself of the stuff I have to do so no more of that with this new board! (As you can tell, I'm still into yellow with script in the background!)

Have a good weekend! or whatever's left of it!!