Saturday, May 12, 2012

Washi boom!

It's been a while, yeah?  As usual the mid year marking got the better of me and my time as the past 2 weeks were spent intensely splashing red ink all over those essays.  It was tedious and most draining but I'm glad it's all over. OVER! yeah!! 

As the title of this post reads - I've been on the washi trail and my collection has KABOOMED to like 36 tapes and at least another 15 on their way to me. YIKES! ahah :) I store them in this little white tray but i think i'll have to buy anther larger tray soon to accommodate all of them. Only saving grace about buying washi is that it's a lot cheaper compared to buying punches and stamps. I've kind of lost interest in buying punches lately. PHEW!

But i like ALL of them..every single one.  I've already sold off the not so pretty ones (usually they come in a set and I only like one or two so I sell off those I don't fancy). Thank God for SBM to sell of stuff!

On a different note, I made some tags for my kids to encourage them before the's a few pieces (can't fit all 40 into a photo)...  The girls get the cutesy ones and boys the more manly ones.

I love my typewriter.  Thank God for one!!

And here's a shot of these 2...This is what happens when u ask Kate to pose for a photo and she's reluctant too..she gives you that look. And Beth as usual in a 'shocked' face. heee
I love these 2 monkeys!  They are so cute and funny, esp K.  And only a kid at 3 can pull of blue tights with white polka dots. Way to go!

The weekends are upon us..time for much needed rest and sleep. And scrapping..and shopping!

Have a great weekend!