Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Coming soon to a wedding near you..

As mentioned in my previous post, my colleague Grace asked me to help with her wedding ang pow box.  She bought a little suitcase and wanted me to decorate it with a travel theme.  We met last week at the LSS and she picked out the following stuff, mostly from Simple Stories Year-o-graphy.

I had quite a bit of headache doing up the box mostly cos of the tricky handles and different layers of papers.  Jean suggested I used tissue tape when discussing this with her yesterday and gosh, what a brilliant idea it was!  Love love love the tissue tape which saved the day.  Hides all your flaws and mistakes!

See all the layers of tissue tape? 

 Front right of the box..most embellishments are from simple stories too..Thanks HY for the Eiffel Tower idea!

Another angle..although I think the earlier pic is nicer!

 Left corner of the box..topped with cameras, typewrites and a sewing machine.  So very Grace, I think!

 And here, the full reveal!  Yes, I know it's not very travel with all the sewing machines, etc..but I tried my best, given that the papers I worked with were Year-o-graphy!

 Side angle..practicing my pathetic photography skills!

Thanks for dropping by.  I hope to be back soon with more scrapping stuff!


Monday, November 14, 2011

School's out!

I've waited the whole year for this period and boy, I'm so loving it!  Unexpectedly, we got off earlier and I'm really relishing these moments of waking up later each day.  My body's still tuned to getting up at 6ish and I usually try to sleep in a little more till 7 and that's about it - am forced to wake up!  Strangely, I try to take afternoon naps and I'm still able to sleep at 10pm and wake up at 7am each day.  Guess this is how sleep deprived I've been for 9 years.  I think I'll never make up for it.  Sleeping heaps does wonders for your soul - better complexion, less dark rings..at no cost.  How wonderful.

On the scrapping front, I've taken a hiatus but was just given a new project to do for my colleague Grace.  She has asked me to design her wedding ang pow box and I'm going to get started this afternoon.  Pictures will come soon, I hope!

Attended Elaine's wedding on Saturday..dinner started really late at 9pm..one of the latest I've ever been for and my stomach was really hungry at 6 already.  Fortunately, H and me made some instant prata and I had half a piece before I left.  Couldn't stay to the end cos it was getting late so I left by the 7th course at 1050.

Pictures for the night!

 From L to R: Darrell: Me, Elaine and Christine.  I hate taking pictures with Darrell. He always makes me look short. Darn it! I think he's like 1.86m or something...Not fair!

 Table Photos are the best:  Me, Grace and Christine

 Quick photo before we attack the lovely scallops, mushrooms and broccoli!

This is a much better photo of D and me.No one can see he's like > 1 head taller than me!

 Huayi, me and Choon Mei. *WOLF WHISTLE to Choon Mei*..never seen her dressed so nice before!  Way to go!

HY and me...love her beautiful eyes that she so often hides behind her specs..good change for the night!

Got many compliments for the dress I wore that night..If you're interested, it's from The Perfect Runway.  Saw it on Zoe Raymond's blog and was inspired to get it. :)