Friday, March 19, 2010

On an AC Roll!

Had some time today in the afternoon so I figured I should scarp something before I leave 'else I'll be super deprived for a whole week! Still love the Dear Lizzy Range from AC and mixed it with some tinge of Botanique for this layout:

Zoom in shot of the details:

Took me 3 hours to get it done but I'm very satisfied with it..especially how upset I was yesterday night with messing up the challenge that Jean gave me. Now my confidence is back! I had an epiphany when I was almost done to do the green 'frames' at the corners..and I love them! Many thanks to Lia for the Lime Metallic Mist that was out of stock everywhere but she generously gave up one precious bottle in her stash for me. *Eternally Grateful*

I'm starting to think that for yesterday's challenge, it's the paper, not me!! I mean, ORANGE. Seriously. Who can do anything decent with 4 pieces of orange themed paper?? Sunkist galore man. :)

Till next week, have a good weekend everyone! I'm crossing my fingers that this thurs will not be the day when OA comes to the LSS. I will so kick myself if it's so!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back in business!!

Hi Everyone! I'm so sorry for the lack of updates..H was away in the US and there went his camera and I was not able to take photos. Figured there was no point taking any photos with my lousy Casio camera so I had to wait for him to get back!

I've been crafting while he's been away so there's lots of photos to share. First up is a notebook I made for myself after figuring out that I always record discussions at work on slips of paper that disappear miraculously so I might as well keep track of what was being said so that I don't lose track. My memory has been very bad..wonder if teaching kills your brain cells early!

Here's another journal that I made to use up my ever growing stash of paper. I'm in a major destashing mode so I just wanna use up bits of paper that is piling up:

Next up...something for Steven for his upcoming wedding on 10th April. Talking about him brings back fond memories of our friendship during Eusoff Hall days with Beeks, Johann, Mike and gang. We had so much fun playing bridge and challenging each other to Milo Pengs. For the record, the guys still owe us heaps of Milo Peng that they never paid back. Even after 10 years that we've left Uni. Gosh. Has it been that long?? Anyway, I digress. Steven is a good friend who helped me a lot during one of my computing modules and he even gave me extra coaching so I could pass my exam! I really suck at computing and have no idea why I even took that crazy module. But I'm glad it's over and even more happy that he's getting married ('re the last of the guys to get married. Even Johann beat you to it!!)

Next up..something very happy to share: My RAK from Lynn came yesterday and it's all Websters goodness..woo wooo!! Very happy and love the mini flowers! Thanks, Lynn!!

Last of all, if you've not heard, Jean and me are challenging each other to go beyond our comfort zone to scrap with papers that we each chose for each other. Mine was ORANGE in theme and I think I almost died this afternoon with it. This further affirms that I suck at Layouts and I'm I should stick to mini albums, etc. Even H said it was quite bad. BOO HOO..I am so ashamed to post a picture of ya. Only Jean will get to see it and laugh her head off. But I gave her Fancy Pants. Hahaha..let's see what she does with it.

Till next week everyone..take care! I leave for Shanghai on Sat and will be back on Thurs. I hope I make it back in one piece!!