Saturday, June 26, 2010

2 more pretty notebooks!

After a crazy day of meetings from 8.30am to 6pm, I can finally relax and so some scrapping today. But I tell you yesterday was really bad, the thunderstorm and incessant rain came pouring down on us and mid way through the meeting, CW burst into the LT and said 'Mdm Tan, you need to move your car. The porch is flooded'. You should have seen all the other teachers who drove - jumped out of their seats and made a bee line dash for the car park. Meeting was abruptly stopped as not many teachers were left in the room! When I next saw Mr P, his pants were folded up, drenched. I casually asked him if he just went for a swim. This is the only 'cher in my school who drives a Lexus. Of course he was anxious to save it!


It can actually flood in the carpark of my school with drains half metre high.

And the Grand Audi was not spared. SC showed me a photo of water in the audi till her mid calf, destroying the parquet flooring. Best. Staff Room 1 had leaking ceilings and water going in I heard..mine is on the 2nd level. Safe and sound. PHEW!

Someone better pay for this.

I'm sorry I have no photos to show...Still half wishing my dad will buy me the new iphone and I shall wait patiently while dropping more hints each time I see him. :) :)

Ok, on to the notebooks....I digress too much :)

This is for Justina (who by the way won the AC challenge after me! WOO..u go gal! And she just started scrapping a few months ago. Power mum!). She wanted the flower and the word 'blessed' and something similar to the previous pink one I here it is gal!

And for Cheryl who didn't want a ring bound one...but something sweet with baby pink and blue..It's very her I think...given her sweet and endearing personality. Some of you may notice that the 'delight' thickers from AC don't come in brown but I sprayed some pink ones with my awesome Maya Mist to get it to brown to match the birds and the whole look. Black would have been a bit too harsh!

And..last of all, at Elvin's suggestion: A more guy notebook. I think it's a bit too plain and wanted to add more stuff but H said that guys don't like flowers and I kept it simple. Left some space in the middle for a guys name..or whatever words I think it's appropriate to put in there. We shall see!!

That's all for me for's the carnival at church I worked hard for..cutting and scoring paper for 3 hours last week. Will post pics tmrw or later but H is coming with me so there will surely be pics!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bazaar Notebooks!!

Ok so I thought that today I'll be gungho and finish up the final 2 notebooks for the bazaar since I ordered a few A5 sized ones. Since there was not much paper left from the stash I bought, I worked on this one using my own supplies (which was a good thing anyway cos I need to destash!)

Resident photographer H is out the whole day and will only be back at 9pm where the lighting is SO not good for photos thus I decided to use his cam and take these myself. No blurry backgrounds though..I have no idea how to achieve that effect!

Notebook One: Pretty in Pink

Up close & personal:

For Notebook 2: I present to you 'Green with Envy' -

Zooming in:

And so now the question remains - how much do these go for? I'm lobbying for $10 cos I worked so hard at them but something tells me a certain old dame will say '$7' and undermine the work I do. Sob sob..but it's ok..this is my contribution to the school since I didn't manage to sell a lot of coupons..

Do I get your support for $10???? :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010


You know you're in Scrap Heaven when you open the American Crafts Blog page and you see this:

Details Week Challenge!
Yahoo! It's Friday! What fun plans do you have for this weekend? Hope it involves lots of sunshine. Let's start the weekend off by congratulating our winner from last week's Men Challenge. The fabulous prize pack goes to Joanna Lee for her manly layout!

So right now, I'm smiling from ear to ear, after the crazy jumping up and down around the house has ceased. I've never won any challenge so this is a first for me. Big thanks to the great people at American Crafts for the inks in advance. Now I shall stalk the USPS man... :)

Have a fabulous weekend! Mine just became better an hour ago!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Winner of RAK!

Me to H: Pick a number from 1 to 3.

H: 3 lor.....

So, congrats to Lyndis! I'll be passing you the RAK soon!

Thanks to Soo Ying and A who took part in the draw....

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

American Crafts Galore

I was really excited when I saw the latest American Crafts challenge and did this layout using Dear Lizzy materials and some from the Letterbox collection. As you know, I am crazy over Dear Lizzy and totally *heart* this collection. It's totally yummalicious!

Thechallenge was to scrap about a guy / boy in your life and as you know, I only have 1 in my life so he became the default choice!

I love love love the Dear Lizzy letters and I think they're perfect for this piece!

More pictures and closeups....

Big thanks to 'my guy' for snapping pictures of this LO for me and for always supporting me and this hobby I have!!

Supply List: American Crafts Letterbox Flairs
American Crafts Dear Lizzy & Letterbox Paper
American Crafts Dear Lizzy Chipboard Letters
American Crafts Letterbox frames
Lilybee rub ons
Lilybee scallop chipboard
Martha Stewart border punches - Birds in a Row & Quilted
Prima stamps on transparency with Staz On Teal Blue Ink

Monday, June 14, 2010

Babysitting at Praise Babies!

So this Sunday was my turn to baby sit Kate at the cradle during service. I was half thinking of how to pacify her if she should cry buckets cos she's so not used to me but she turned out to be so good! I woke up on Sunday preparing for a terrifying session and decided to arm myself with some rabbit feed as a last resort to win her over if she won't stop crying.

This is my trusty 65 cents arsenal that Kate is using to feed the 3 rabbits (and also how Lyndis snuck away while Kate was engrossed with the rabbits).

Playing with the school bus before story telling time:

This how she looks like when u ask her to smile for the camera. Someday she will regret smiling like this when she looks back at all her photos when she was 1!!!!

Prayer Time: She was really quiet and clutching her hands together while the teacher said prayers in Chinese. I think she was very patient as the prayer was quite long and I don't think she understood anything!

Me and her: (Why did H chop half my head off???)

Mid way, she said 'mum mum' to me so I gave her a biscuit. Here is she - Relac one Corner while eating (half afraid other kids would snatch her biscuit away!)

Gotcha!!! Crawling under the table while the teacher was telling stories (tsk tsk!)

Colouring time!!

Nice shot with Natasha Banks - say awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Finally, the best shot of the day: (me + Kate = love)

Happy Monday everyone!!
P.S: Photos taken by paparazzi H who was with me baby sitting her. I snuck away to the toilet during the session and left him to fend for himself (and Kate!). heee. heeee....

Friday, June 11, 2010

Time for a Giveaway!!

Yes! You read it right! I've hit my 100 post and decided to do a giveaway to thank you for your support in reading my blog. I've never done it before so this RAK will be full of goodies for a lucky someone!
In this RAK there's
  • about 80 pieces of flowers
  • a new pack of Maya Road Cupcake felt embellishment
  • a new mini Maya Road Tree Stamp
  • 1 pack of Lace Ribbon
  • 1 pack of Felt Frozz from Kaiser Kraft
  • 2x 2 yards of red ribbons
  • 2 bottles of glitter
  • Love Set Key Chain from Maya Road

For a chance to win, leave me a comment on your latest project you're working on and I'll draw a winner next Friday.
P.S: Apologies but I can only post the RAK within Singapore so I'll limit this one to Singaporean scrappers!

Have a good weekend!!

Crafty Clips

Something for the kiddos for Youth Day - thank God there's only 32 of them and mostly girls so it's easy to make something simple for them. For some strange reason, they're into cherries and I'm glad there was one teeny weeny cherry in my Dear Lizzy stamps which have come in handy for this case. Those gals are also into cupcakes for reasons I cannot explain and will never understand. But I obviously do not have a cup cake stamp in my possession so they just have to make do with cherries & other flowers.

If you're wondering how I made them - I simply punched circles on my 1'' circle punch, stamped an image and put heaps of glossy accents on them. Thereafter, punch a smaller circle 7/8'' and put a clip, squeeze a whole heap of glue and stick them together. Viola!

For the 8 boys, I put a letter of their Initial for them..something a bit more personalised and suited for the 8 macho guys in my class.

Big thanks to Huayi for this idea and also for dissuading me from buying a scallop punch for this purpose - circle shapes are also nice!

Look what found its way into my scraproom today!

What lovely birds these are - all from the fabulous Martha Stewart punches that have found their way into my scraproom. Along with these beauties, came along 2 other punches:

What a nice feeling it is to plunder from someone else's stash and have it in your posession - even if it's for 2 weeks! I've to try the 2 other punches out soon...itching to get them done!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Maya Mist.....

I had a little trouble over the weekend with these stubborn but oh so pretty little accents. Tried as I might, the glitter refused to budge off the base and kept getting stuck there. I gave up trying to pry it out with an ice cream stick so I turned them upside down and H decided it was fun to take a photo of them together.

After some rearranging, he got this 'formation', much to the amusement of our part time helper who was wondering what the both of us were trying to do by arranging the bottles and taking photos of them:

Next up: sneak peek into what I've done over this weekend for a friend. This album goes to her family and thus I won't post any photos with their faces for privacy:

I'll be back soon with a dear lizzy album. Did it last week but haven't got down to taking photos..soon soon!!

Hope your Monday has been good..4 more days to the weekend!!