Sunday, July 31, 2011

The dangers of online shopping!

I have been bitten by the online shopping bug lately and finding it so hard to stop!  I guess since scrapping has taken a back seat in my life (for some reason, my interest in it has waned), I have to look for other avenues to channel my time and interest!

The scariest part of it is that you don't physically see the money leave your hands so transferring $22 or $55 is about the same don't feel much pain or difference. And that's the more perilous bit..sobs sobs.

Will be back soon with some scrappy stuff (it is afterall a scarpping blog) once I can get H to take photos for me!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Emma's shoppe with Kate!

The mojo is back!

For those of you who didn't know, I was on a scrapping lull these 2 weeks and couldn't seem to get anything done.  No inspiration at all! 

Managed to find some mojo last night and whipped out my Emma's shoppe papers that have been sitting too comfortably in my paper stash. I must say...the ideas just came fast and furious and within 1.5 hours, I was done with this piece! I'm really happy with it as I only used Emma's shoppe stuff and have plently of left overs and this again proves that u really don't need that much to scrap.  Not at all.

I love this photo heaps!  Kate is smiling so cheerfully.  Thanks to Jean for making silly faces so she'll smile properly.  Somehow the colours she and I wore that day go really well with Emma's shoppe...

Resident photographer H is not home today and he's at reservist.  I suspect there is something wrong with the F of the's set at 2.0 and I dun think it's right!  And then..the colour is not too vivid as well but I really suck at cameras. He has tried to teach me many times how to adjust the focus but I can't seem to remember at all. The only thing I know is 2.0 is the lowest. I can't even remb how to change it. Or what to change it to. This is bad.
I think it's like me teaching him how to cook..somehow, after multiple times he just can't seem to know when the garlics, onions, etc are done... :(
Only my good friend Justina excels at cameras, scrapping, sewing, cooking and motherhood. I can only do 3 out of these 4!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Little Ms K goes to the beach!

Today we brought Kate to the beach since it was youth day and what an adventure we had!  Ate breakfast at Macs and then we were off!  Before we set off, we asked Kate if she'd like to go the toilet and she vehemently went 'No no no no no'.. She has this habit of insisting that she does not need to go multiple times so yeah..we left it at that.

And then 10 mins later after we found a spot and started playing with the sand, she said 'I need to go to the toilet'. Panic. So i grabbed her, ran for Macs ( i didn't know how long she could hold her pee cos I've never done this!) and signalled to mum who also came running.

3 empty cubicles at Macs. I had a good dash carrying that 13 kg girl and I was glad we made it!  And then we waited. Mum inside with her and I waited outside. No pee. Our little friend started singing loudly in the cubicle and at this time, a queue started to form already.  More singing. No pee....and more singing. *so embarassing!*

Mum gave up, we got her back to the beach. And then, 5 mins later 'I need to go the toilet' again.
Next thing we knew, she had peed right there and then.
Fantastic!  Jean went to get change, couldn't find any so she had to wear diapers all the way. haahhaa
What an adventure!