Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another Gypsy Tray!

After all the dust has settled on the those red peppered scripts, I've finally got down to some scrapping!
  Bought this gypsy tray on impulse as it was on discount and too good to resist, even dragged HY down to buy one together with me but boy, it was a good buy!  You know how much I love gypsy trays and I treasure working on each and every area to make it look fabulous.

I could do this forever.

I also got the lastest Tim Holtz configurations tray and an IKEA frame to work on and I hope this holidays will inspire me to create as I find some time off work.

 For Mr T, an ex colleague who is like a father figure to me and always always watches out for me. I am indebted to him for his kindness through the years.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ha...yes..I'm finally back!

Been very busy with election fever going on in the Lee and Tan household and going for rallies. 

It's only once in 5 years and you can't blame us for getting excited over it!  (and neglecting scrapbooking!)

I remember going for rallies as a Uni student even to Choa Chu Kang stadium with my uncle, bro and mum in tow and this year is no different.  It's times like these that make me feel most Singaporean as I take an interest in what goes on in this country. Also, I'm reminded that this is the only chance I get for my voice to be heard and that the power to govern this country is in our hands.

Busy with exam marking but in the midst of it, H and me take time to discuss politics and share information with each other.  I'm glad we're on the same page with regards to our political views.  Can't imagine if we hold 2 opposing views - this house will be divided!

And so the cards have been played and the results are looking good for WP.  I liken this whole election to a game of bridge.  PAP has good cards (ok, except one!) and WP to be honest, had weaker cards (and the Ace of Spades- Mao) but they had a better strategy.  I'm reminded in bridge that good cards will not win the game for you - you need a calculated strategy and you must take some risks.  And PAP's strategy (not sure if they had any) didn't pull through in the end and they lost George Yeo, coupled with 6 hammers now in parliament.  Sweet.

Let's see what these hammers can do in the next 6 years - I have confidence they will make a difference and voice concerns for us.  Pritam Singh - you go make some noise, ok? :)

But for now, I'm more interested in where George Yeo and Lim Hwee Hua will go next...they have to start packing their stuff tmrw at work.  A bit embarassing but I end this post with a quote from George Yeo on the need to build a foreign dormitory in Serangoon Gardens:

"The important thing is to do what is right. You cannot always be worried about votes."