Tuesday, September 27, 2011

J is for..

Was very tempted to start this post with my usual apology as I have been gone for like one month but I shall not feel guilty as I have a crazy job and there is heaps to do!

Work is not so demanding these days so there is more time for me to get some scrapping done. 

Did this banner for little baby Jamie who's going to arrive soon and I thought it'll be nice for him to have one, just like Jude had.  These 2 boys are Justina's kids and Jus and me go way back to 2003 where we were colleagues. How time flies. Next thing you know, I'll be receiving my 10 year long service award! Whoo!

Used heaps of Prima's travel line...it was too cute to resist buying and I have been saving them for an opportune time to make something boyish. 

Justina: Have a safe delivery and catch you real soon!