Saturday, January 21, 2012

More journals!

Had a busy week at work and now that we're into the CNY break, I managed to squeeze some time to update my blog.  Did these 2 journals partly to use up my Graphic 45 paper and the remnants I had managed to fit all into these 2 notebooks!

In other news, I'm so happy I managed to lay my hands on these charms - they're really awesome!  Put some up for sale and had many people grab them!

Thanks for dropping by.  Have a fabulous celebration with family and friends over the next few days!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back with a vengence!

Apologies again for neglecting the humble space of mine.  And a big thank u to many of you who still stop by regularly to see I have updated it.  I was away for a camp last week and in the zoo and the lack of sleep got the better of me.  These days, besides my day job, I've been busy destashing and putting up stuff for sale on the new FB group that is going viral!  The ladies there are so much fun and we're having a blast with this group I think.  It's here to stay!

As promised in my last post, I'll be showing u some notebooks that I did over the holidays.  They're all using October Afternoon Boarding Pass line.

Notebook 1: 

Notebook 2: 

Notebook 3:

Notebook 4:

Thanks for looking!  I'll be back soon with more notebooks featuring Once Upon a Springtime by Graphic 45!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Here we go again..

8.5 years. But it still feels the same every 2nd Jan - that reluctance to go back to the grind. Again.  Guess it will never get better but hey, the grind pays the bills, right?

Good news is that there's no teaching this week and that's a big load off preparing lessons and making sure that  my powerpoints and worksheets are in order.  Will save that for next weekend.

At this stage - there are only 2 positive things I can think of - well, at least 2 positive things to look forward to this week. 1.  I get to meet my friends again and catch up (although I do wish we can catch up under better circumstances) but the reality is that we won't get to chat so often if we were not obliged to be in school. 2. I get to earn my week's salary and money's always good yeah?

Shall keep this post short and sign off here. I do have some new scrapping work to show but H is really busy to help me snap pics so I'll save that for next weekend.

Thanks for dropping by and I do hope you have a smashing 2012!