Thursday, February 18, 2010

Overdue Photos!

Did this frame for the hubby's 3rd Uncle and Aunt who have been really nice to us. They're fantastic people who have helped us in many ways and been most generous. Just a little something to thank them.

Also, this tag is for a class I intend to conduct for my colleagues at the request of SWC and Claire who wanted more boyish stuff for their little boys. Managed to find paper with vehicles and trains last week and hope they will like it. This is my first time venturing into a more boyish genre so I hope it will come out fine!

I'm conducting a more 'girly' one next week but left photos of that at work so will get it up soon once the internet at the office decides to actually be more consistent and not fail us so often!

That's all from me now..Thanks for looking!

CNY photos!

Apologies for the lack of updates - been busy entertaining guest and visiting relatives this break and before I knew it, it was Tues night and back to work on Wed so morale was a little low then but it's back up again as there's no teaching tomorrow and then it's the weekend. WOO!

Anyway, CNY photos of me and little plum, starting with some shots at Uncle Ken's house. She allowed me to carry her cos I told her I was going to bring her to see the doggies!

And here she is, finally mustered up her courage to touch Misty after clamouring to see them but yet being so frightened when actually near them or when they back. You should have seen her..excited like a little bee and kept wanting to go near them but withdraws like a snail when actually near them. Strange. But we had a good time laughing at her.

Me with her at Uncle Alick's house (whops, should call it a mansion, in Dad's words). It's super huge and Jeff's room is like the size of my house! Dang!!

And here's Kate in my laundry basket when she came to visit. Xiao Gu's grand idea to make her hide inside and be like Jack in the Box to show Grandpa and Grandma. We were enjoying ourselves making her pop up but after a while she got tired so we got here out of the smelly basket!

Thinking of more crafting ideas..hope to be back soon with more stuff!

Have a good weekend everyone! Mine starts tomorrow!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

CNY Tags!

Was commissioned to do the following task by the hubby for a particilar someone who gave him the task. It's was really tedious having to do all 150 of them but I'm glad it's all over. Also had to buy a 3 inch scallop punch for this purpose *Cough* Spend more money again! but I'm glad Hua Yi helped me by buying 2 punches for herself so we could get a 40% off at Laines.

Here are some pictures of what I've been up to the last week to make all 150 pieces of this:

Here's a shot of the all lined up on my dining table (just too many to do on my scrapbooking table!)

After we packed them into a bag to be delivered tomorrow- finally we can give the dining table a good wipe to make it squeaky clean as it used to be!

Thanks for looking!
Special thanks to Lance and April of the scrapbook carton for getting the Pink Paislee Hearts Bloom paper to me so speedily. I searched high and low for this paper and only they had it in stock. What a life saver!! I was also really pleased with their great customer service - they go out of their way for their customers!