Thursday, January 27, 2011

Right Now..

 The House is loaded up with the CNY goodies - all ready for us to entertain relatives who will be here on the 2nd day.  The cornflake cookies are TO DIE FOR and for the record, this year we bought 3 bottles cos last year we only bought one and the mouse in the house kept pilfering off these gems that I only get to savour once a year!

This year we stumbled upon these awesome stuff from Cedele and decided to break the piggy bank to splurge on 3 tubs of the fabulous doughdrops. ..It's a must try if you ask me..expensive but so worth it..

I'm also working on clearing this whole heap of paper that I've guiltily enmassed through my 2 years in SB and try as I might, the stack hasn't seem to be decreasing!  I've reached a point where I'm so tempted to measure how thick it is and will check back every 2 months to see if there's any progress.  I'm definitely not going to let this pile higher than 6 inches!

Working on my 2010 album slowly..been on it for like 4 weeks now..and left with 2 pages.  At the end of each crazy work day I really dun feel like doing anything more than lazing in front of the computer or tv..maybe during the CNY weekend I will finish it up!

Thanks for dropping by..tmrw is friday already..and next week is just going to be fabulous.  I know it already!  1.5 Day work week!  Beat that!! :)


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Getting used

to going back to the usual routine of
  • Waking up at 5.30am
  • Hopping on the train in my half dazed state
  • Pining for my train journey back home after a day of work
  • Doing laundry on Mondays and Thursdays
  • Marking, preparing worksheets, responding to last minute emails....

I think I'm finally getting back to the swing of things - the way they've always been for the past 7.5 years.

And along these 7.5 years, I've gotten married, bought my own place, had a neice, went to Japan, Hong Kong and South Africa. And picked up this dangerous crazy hobby called scrapbooking, together with building up a massive collection of shoes, clothes and bags.

But but but, something always seems missing, I still feel I'm not leading the life I want to - dun get me wrong, I"m happy with most of it, just the one thing - guess u regular readers will know what still bugs me.  Been praying heaps for God to open doors, for opportunities and will continue to do so.

Pray with me!  I hope 2011 or 2012 at least will bring new opportunities, more joy and satisfaction!

P.S:  Sale page is updated!  Check it out!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I can't believe

it's take me this long to write this post!

This morning, after I woke up, I started having this whole bout of nostalgia and epiphany of how much there is to be grateful for in this life. I know it sucks at times when work piles up (I'm starting to realise that work is about the only thing that gets to me. Everything else, I can handle!) but there is so much more to life than work.

I'm grateful for:
  • My dearest H who makes coming home everyday after work WORTH IT.  It is a nice feeling coming home to someone you love.  Better still if it's Thurs and the single one household chore you loath the most is done BY THE TIME YOU GET HOME.  Double Love!! You know how much I hate hand washing our clothes but today I'm reminded that having clothes to wash is a good thing, cos it means the people you love are near you.  That in itself makes laundry worth it.

  • My family - Dad, Mum, J, J, L and MISS K!  I had so much fun growing up with big J when we were kids, all that fighting, the hair pulling, the comb throwing, the stuff- the- bolster- down- the -toilet bowl stories...And small J is now whom I'm closer to...who single handedly DRAGGED Me down to the abyss of throwing money on PAPER and who loves bubble tea as much as me!  We're 2 crazy girls who used to drive to heartland mall to buy Happy Cup bubble tea but now that that defunct store has closed down, we relived our yesteryear crazy days by driving to bishan to buy Koi last week!  $5 for a large cup of UBER AWESOME Honey Green Tea with Chin Chow!
  • Great supportive friends like Jus, Fern, Lois,Sally, Pris, Becky,  who are just dears to me! So super supportive and will always be there for me!
  • Fantastic work colleagues - Z, R, A (Trackers!!), SY, Ter, E, E, Dav, JS, Chris, T, JW, HY, Christine who really are more than colleagues but dear friends. And I know they watch my back ALL THE TIME. They are understanding and very flexible. No imposing of their opinions on me.  We negotiate, We compromise by giving in. We don't try to kill each other with excess work. They make working life so much better!

  • My dearest Saviour who never lets me go. Sometimes, I slip away, I try to run. But He pulls me back all the time and reminds me that His Grace is enough for me, for his power is made perfect in my weakness. 
So really, these 5 things are the most important to me right now. The only thing weighing on my mind that I cannot really say I'm thankful for at this moment is what pays the bills. I'm getting tired. Really am.

What are you thankful for today? Share your thoughts! Leave me a comment!


Purianne!  You're the only one who got the guess correct!

So, what happened was, little Ms K was running around and acccidentally stepped on my bro's plate of food (OUCH!) and created kind of a small mess. Kudos to Uncle Andrew for cleaning up the mess so readily!  Honestly, I don't think she really know what she did wrong until some of us around went 'OHHHHH' and I think that kind of scared her.  She quickly buried her face into my bro's lap and wouldn't lift her head up no matter how hard her tried to get her to.  Bro kept telling her it's ok and that it was a small matter but that little girl just won't comply!  The pic shows the second part after we managed to cajole her to get her head off my bro's lap but she quickly went on to cover her face with her hands and again, won't let go!

Bro let her cool off for a while and I quickly signalled to H to snap a pic of her!  After a while, bro got her to calm down and explained to her it's ok to do something wrong..just need to apologise!  And then she agreed to go with me to find Uncle Andrew to say thanks for cleaning up the mess and Kate gave him a big hug. hahha.. Andrew, you're fortunate to get a hug from Kate!!

Accoring to Bro, this is the first time she has reacted like this when she knows she's done something wrong..we still wonder who taught her to cover her face! 

Purianne, please email me at with your address to claim your prize!  I'll be sending a pack of goodies your way!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Day!

EDITED TO ADD: All guesses welcomed..I will not restrict the prize to the first correct keep guessing.  I will pick a winner from the pool of correct answers. Sounds more fair this way!

NY's day started with a fabulous trip to R's swanking new house at the atas destrict in Dakota area and we had fun catching up with friends and eating even more fabulous good food!

 By the mini pool with all the kids getting a few kicks in the water!

 Little Ms K took hold of her mama's camera and started pretending to snap pictures...

 And after u take the pictures, you gotta check if they're nice right? She was so cute..came to me and said 'press this button'..(on the camera to view the photos) and would say 'nice' or 'not nice' when she was just pretending to snap pictures and look at them! LOL!  Jean has taught her well!

This is her with a pseudo doctor's instrument / magnifiying glass...I think she looks so cute posing with it!

And photo:  I'd like to open this contest to anyone who can guess what she was trying to do in this photo..

Take a pick of the following options:
a. Counting 1-20 to play hide and seek (she's good at her counting these days!)
b. Hiding her face after doing something wrong..fear of punishment
c. Pretending to cry
d. Acting shy, like what she does best!

I'll give a RAK (gonna be a good one!!) of goodies to the first person with the correct answer!!

Happy guessing!

P.S: School starts tmrw. Most depressing. I hope to be back soon to update how it went!