Saturday, October 30, 2010

Christmas Tags Tutorial!

I decided to do some tags this week for Christmas for some awesome friends and here's a peek!  I had in mind to use my existing stash of 4 sheets of Christmasy paper accumulated since last year.  Esp the Gingerbread..I love him!

I did a total of 8 of them and decided to get H to take photos so you gals can see how I pieced them all together.

Ok, first you need the following supplies:

From Left to right (clockwise: 2 inch scallop punch used on Echo Park Music Notes paper. Little hats for our Gingerbread Man from Imaginse Paper, Chipboard hearts from Maya Road, Baker's Twine, Gingerbread Man from October Afternoon Merry Mint collection.  Last, 2 1/4 inch circle from Imaginse paper)

Next up:  Start piecing them together!
Start by putting the 2 inch scallop on top of the 2 1/4 inch paper.  Use more foam dots please!   You should get this:

Next up..add your border strip, tie baker's twine and top it up with a Cutie Gingerbread man, 

Now, our Gingerbread man deserves an equally cute hat so bring it on!  And put the heart next to him! And you're done!!

So here we are, all 8 tags I made..for a finishing touch, I put a mini clothespin (easily available at Daiso), stuck a ribbon on top and a Manila Tag behind.  As they say in the Teenage Textbook, QED!

Here's another way you can use the tags: Make a nice envelope, dress it up with a paper doily and ta da!

I hope this inspires you to get started on your pressies!  Stay tuned for how I use my tags on my gift soon..I do have an idea on how I'm going to use it with the pressies I'm going to give out..but I can only grab the pressie next week!

Have a blessed week ahead!

Me and Kate with THAT smile again... hehee..when will this little girl learn how to smile properly??? 

Monday, October 25, 2010

SB Stash for sale updated!

Hi Ladies,
Thanks for stopping by..I've updated the SB Stash page tonight but unfortunately was not able to get photos of all the stuff I wanted to put up as H was quite sick when he got back so the amateur photographer here tried to take a few shots but the Brown & Garnett Maya Road Mist that I wanted to put up for sale all turned out blurr and should not be seen by anyone!..*dang*.

I'll try to get H to take the photos soon..and update asap.

Have a blessed week!

Lazy Monday...

Sorry for the silence - I had good reasons for this as it was the crazy exam marking season and we all know what that does to you!  This was the worst exam marking ever in all my years of teaching due to the heavy load and short time frame.  As my ex colleague, Y used to always say: "If teaching doesn't kill you, nothing else will!"..and this is a mummy of 3 young children! :)

I miss having you around Yvonne!!! :) And also all my ex colleauges like Van, etc..all the nice people I used to work understanding and we had so much fun hanging out together! 

So today we had an off in lieu due to the fact that we had to work on Sat for a few hours but it's worth see half the world troop off in their smart business suits from my window still this morning..while I'm in my t shirt and shorts...half sniggering at them...hehahhaha  I am evil! And I have to work tommorrow...and the day after..and after...... :)

But just for today, LIFE IS GOOD!

Thanks for reading my rambling, I"m now waiting for H to come home with dinner and also to help me take photos for more stuff I wanna upload to my SB Stash page..keep a look out for it!

And as always, thanks to all you gals who've purchased things from me..Many of you I've never even met in person but I'm grateful for your support as always! 

 Random photo of darling Kate and me!

Have a blessed week everyone!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Awesome wedding!!

Had a great time last night at Conrad & Sally's wedding!  First few times that dinner was really fun, full of jokes, punch lines and laughter. Pure Joy.  The video of the morning RARA was hilarious!  Can't believe the xiong di actually brought a plastic bag to throw all the horrible food they were made to eat.  Nice work to beat the girls at their game.  I enjoyed interacting with the yound adults so much I didn't have time to check my facebook!

 Hubby & Me:
Photo taken by David at Goodwood Park hotel

My marking comes in this week so I wont' be updating my blog as frequently as I usually....take care & have a good week!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Little Alphas!

This week: Heaps of work with exams drawing near but still managed to squeeze some time out to make these lovely alphas!

First name that came to mind was ....drum roll...

Not a big surprise right?  That lovely gal is now starting to babble and rattle more fluently it scares me!
And lovely Trinity whom I've yet to meet but her mum, Yvonne is probably the coolest, nicest and more funky mum ever!  She was so kind and generous to me while we were working together and now that she has baby #3, I'm going to make something for her....and these alphas will definitely be part of the pressie I'm going to make once exams are over!

And of course, for my fantastic business partner *ahem* and awesome super mum, Justina's kid...adorable Jude!! (How can I miss him out right??)

Aren't these alphas really cute????  I've such a fun time making them!

Details: Each of these are 12mm in diameter and will be sold at 5 pieces for $2 That's a real steal!  I'm keeping it affordable for all you lovely ladies out there who're interested in getting some from me.  You just need to tell me the name or word you'd like me to make for you and I'll get it out!

There are 2 main colours: Red / Pinkish Colour & the Blue ones (also in various shades of Blue) as seen above with Jude's name.

Do email me at or if you're interested!

Have a good weekend!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thank You!!

A big thank you to all you ladies who purchased stuff from my SB Stash..seriously..I don't even know some of you read my blog regularly! I *heart* you gals!  :)  Thank you for helping me destash and let my stuff find another home where they will be used! :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

SB Stash for sale updated!

Spent 2 hours sorting, taking photos and posting pictures.

Do take a look under 'SB Stash for sale' at the top..

Thanks for looking! :)