Monday, November 19, 2012

Junk Journals!

 Have been on a roll lately with making junk journals partly cos I wanna downsize my paper stash.  I think paper is the easiest thing we buy and unknowingly let them pile up.  After a while, I go a little ballistic seeing so much paper in the container!!

Here's junk journal No. 1:
(Huayi's birthday present..filled with loving messages from us girls!)

Journal No. 2:  (not sure what to do with it yet but we'll see!)

The Inside pages of Junk Journal No. 2:  Plenty of ramdonly cut out paper, tickets from Midway collection and a vellum envelope.  As it's a junk journal, you can really put anything you want inside and as long as you get the colours matched correctly, you're pretty much set!

(For those keen to know - these two journals feature Simple Stories 'Oh Snap' collection & Midway from October Afternoon.  I think they marry really well together!)
Journal No. 3:  Hand bound journal featuring Boarding Pass from October Afternoon.  I was blessed by my sister who gave me tonnes of paper from this defunct line and playing with them just makes me so happy.  I always heart a good travel line.
 (And in case you're wondering what's going on the background of this photo - that's my sister's latest layout.  She's uber good and I wish I can scrap like her!)

On another note, the holidays are upon us and it is my favourite time of the year.  Work aside, my days are filled with fun lunches, lazying at coffee joints, scrapbooking and that's the way I so wanna live.  Of course, there are chores to be done - cooking dinner and laundry but all's good so far! 

I love you November and I'm sure December will be even better!  Savouring each day as it comes!


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