Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's been a while yeah!

Sorry gals. I lost the blogging and scrapping mojo a while back and to say I've been on a hiatus would be an understatement. 

Still, I thank you for coming to my blog even when i myself don't pop in to update it.

Some updates on what I've been up to:

1.  Severely obsessed with typewriters and I've recently got myself two lovely babies:
 I stalk e bay like crazy and even contemplated getting a friend to bring one back from the UK for me as the seller won't ship overseas.  I'm nuts. Completely bowled over.

The Olympia one (in grey) is in script font.  What a lovely gem.  No regrets giving her a new home!

 And this is how I use my typewriters - as an embellishment for my pages.  I love love love how they make me journal so much more - given that I don't fancy seeing my own handwriting on my scrappy pages.

And this photo also reminds me how hard it is to give up scrapbooking for good.  I've had the urge in me for a while to get rid of all my stuff but somehow my inner demons are stil holding me back.  I still enjoy crafting but just wish I can cut down on my stash.

Two journals I made over the past weekend - I call them junk journals cos they're made with paper that i want to get rid off and I'm putting them up for sale.  Cross fingers I get a buyer for them!  Else I won't know what to do with them! :)

Thanks for dropping by and have a good week!

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