Saturday, June 30, 2012

Typewriter sightings

I've been on the hunt lately for more typewriters and by some stroke of luck, I met some really good enablers and now have some connections for getting them!

Here's some tappys i spotted lately while on the prowl:

Olympia SM 9 with a huge huge carriage. It's in pretty good condition but way to big for my liking.

Royal 200 typewriter. Looks ok cosmetically and the carriage is small but the cover does not close tightly. :(  The size is a big plus although I could not bring myself to purchase one whose cover did not sit well.

An Antares typewriter. I've never seen this brand in my life and was quick to dismiss purchasing it but once I got home and did some research I realised it was an Italian brand. Bummer!  It was in very good condition as well but oh well.. :( 

This same company, Antares, made this lovely Annabelle typewriter.  A pity this tappy belongs to a lovely lady called Adwoa from Geneva and is not up for grabs.  I literally stalk her blog all the time cos I love really about her typewriter adventures!

Apart from tappys, here's what I've been up to:

Dear Lizzy inspired cards:

I'm still bad a taking photos. And with the lighting and all.  Some things will never change :)

And a peek into what I got this week, all the way from Germany:

Thank you, Justina!!  I really love the washi and the stamps! :)

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firestarter said...

these look great! any tips on where to buy a typewriter in singapore?